Review for Fever Knights: Official Fake Strategy Guide

Review for Fever Knights: Official Fake Strategy Guide

Fever Knights: Official Fake Strategy Guide by Adam EllisWelcome to the AMAZING Fever Knights Fake Strategy Guide that will make you want to be able to play the game!

I just LOVE LOVE strategy guides and I really miss that they aren’t really around anymore. I remember back with the GBA and other nintendo stuff that one could get strategy guides. Helping you out with all sorts of things, give some bonus information, and more. So when I saw that one of my favourite artists, Adam Ellis, was making a fake strategy guide? I needed that! Sadly, thanks to Amazon being Amazon, it took me almost a year to get it. Imagine my delight that I could finally read this one!

In this one we go deep into a game that I just am desperately to play for real! Fever Knights! One day Finneus goes out for surfing and he loses his arm… but what happened because he has lost his memories and the beach was closed down ASAP. Through character guides, level guides, and more we find out more and more about what happened that fateful day along with seeing the strange things that are happening in this world of Toro Island! Because there is a lot of strange stuff happening. I just wanted to step in the book so many times to be part of the events that took place… well OK, until the boss battles at least because Adam Ellis has drawn some horrifying bosses, which I could have expected given his love for horror comics. Haha, but still I was not ready for Silent Hill like monsters. NOPE.

I loved how the Strategy Guide, despite being for a fake game, really captures that essence of strategy guides. You have information on monsters, on levels, character guides, item and inventory help and guides, we get secrets and little bits here and there with extra information. It was just a joy to read and I will definitely will be re-reading it for many years to come. And of course, still praying that someone makes a deal with Adam and makes this a real video game!

All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this book to all!

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