Review for Henshin!, Vol.1

Review for Henshin!, Vol.1

Henshin!, Volume 1 Blazing Phoenix by Bon Idle; Mitch Proctor; Kaiju, Manga-style, superheroes, battles, friendship, LGBT, awesome, Graphic novelI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I couldn’t resist this one! That cover! That blurb! The fact is about Kaiju and heroes who defeat things!

😊Loved loved the manga-style art! It fitted very well with the kaiju and the henshin and the fighters.
😊Great MC and great friend (Rosa, so sweet).
😊Fab fighting scenes that were just so cool and I was 100% in it. Especially when a new rival/baddie arrived, say hi to Omen (such a cool name btw).
😊The powers that the guys had + the weapons.
😊Love the dash of mystery, because for a while we don’t know why there are suddenly monsters and also who that mysterious first fighter was.
😊And so learning bits and pieces here there, still a lot of riddles, but a bit more clarity.
😊The crackling energy and flirting between the MC and that other dude (I am sorry, I forgot him name already because scrolling in ADE is HELL). Though I had some sus feelings regarding the guy, I don’t know. Later on even more! I need to know!
😊Thanks for putting that BTS song in my head again. XD
😊The ending! It really closes off this chapter/this volume, but leaves plenty of room for more Henshin volumes, and I am here for it!

🤔 I do hope that we get to know more about what happened during the disaster, I am sure it has to do with kaiju and other sus things happening, but would like to just get to know a bit more about it. Plus, given the blurb I had just expected more of this part: “As a gay man, Alex never imagined his cozy college life becoming deadly, but that’s just what happens as his battles uncover an unholy connection between his city, the most powerful company in Europe, and the Kaiju. Can he uncover the secret before it’s too late?” Maybe I was tired, but I didn’t see Alex do a lot of researching/uncovering of secrets. His friend Rosa however was doing her best on that front, but since she is not the MC we only get glimpses and things told by her.

All in all, this was fun! I am so happy to see this one and happy I got the chance to read it~ Recommended!

Star rating, 4 stars

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