Review for Kate on the Case: The Headline Hoax

Review for Kate on the Case: The Headline Hoax

Kate on the Case: The Headline Hoax Hannah Peck, Mystery, Newspaper, Children's Book, Mystery, Purple, Talking Animals, Scoop, FunThe newest Kate on the Case and this time she is going to a place she wanted to visit for a long time: .

In this one Kate (and her dad) get invited VIP style to Kate’s favourite newspaper’s headquarters! The Lookout Post! Yep. We are going to the source of it all and see Kate have a wonderful time along with plenty of fangirling from her side. I loved that the VIP tour ended with her getting a case, with her having to write a new article! Because there is something happening at the newspaper. The wrong newspapers are being printed and they are full of errors and strange things. It was so fab that Kate was getting recognised for the things she did~ She definitely did some amazing things in the previous books.

The mystery was well written and tons of fun. I was thinking along with Kate (and Frances as well) to figure out what is going on. Why are the real newspapers not coming to the printers? Whose footprints are the ones in the dark room? Who wants to do this to the newspaper and why? And there is plenty more and I was all in for it! It was very exciting with plenty of red herrings along the way~ The ending of the mystery, PHEW, that was very exciting!

I do have to say I wasn’t always a fan of Kate in this one. I found her jealousy just not my thing. How she couldn’t see further than that when doing the case. I just wanted to give her the old shake and tell her to look beyond that. To not let that be a thing. There were also some other moments.

The art was fabulous once again and I love that we got a map of the office, that made me happy and also helped with the mystery at points.

But in overall, I had oodles of fun reading this one again. I loved the case and love that it took place at The Lookout Post, where her hero works~ I cannot wait for the next Kate on the Case!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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