Review for Mermaid Day

Review for Mermaid Day

Mermaid Day Diana Murray , Luke Flowers, Mermaids, Fun, Party, Sea Creatures, Sea, Children's Book, Picture BooksI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

In fantastical sparkly book we are invited to Mermaid Day! Day of music, food, friendship, and more!

In this fun book we meet the Mer-queen who is setting up for a fun day at the palace (and surrounding areas). It is Mermaid DAY!! Yep! The party is here and it is a day full of dancing, music and fun and I was just fully enjoying it even though I couldn’t be truly part. I loved seeing the mermaids and the sea creatures have a wonderful day that just seemed to get even more awesome with every hour. One of my favourite animals to keep finding was that eel that had messages on its body!  But I was also delighted with all the mermaids, they all look so fun.

Oh, and I loved when THAT sea creature popped up, I was a bit worried at first because well it is THAT kind of creature and you never know, but it turned out to be all good and I was just smiling and giggling.

The ending was fun, OK, it was also sad because the party was over, but it was also fun because I loved seeing all the creatures and mermaids go to bed, see them be so knackered because of the amazing day. I do have a question about one of the mermaids, he is sleeping on land? XD

The art was oh so much fun. I love how diverse the mermaids were. Often mermaids are drawn to be bubbly and look pretty much the same. But not in this one! We got punk/goth looking mermaids, we got mermaids with stripes (and jewellery) on their tails, short and long hair in all colours. The rest of the art was just so fun and sparkly, at times I just wanted to step inside the book and party along with everyone. It looks like such a blast! And so many details~

All in all, this is one day you shouldn’t miss out on! Get this fun and sparkly book full of happiness and music~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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