Review for My First Book Of Cats

Review for My First Book Of Cats

My First Book of Cats: All About Furry Felines for Kids Morgan Grassi, Cats, Non-Fiction, Cute, Photographs, Children's Book, CatsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just cannot resist books about cats, I love cats but sadly cannot be around one for long due to allergies. So books are this are perfect! Cats! So many cats~

😍Love the photographs that are everywhere in the book. From cute to silly we get a lot of fun photographs and I was just awwing all the time.
😍Great information about cats in simple terms with words highlighted. Under the photographs we also get some fun facts, like I didn’t know that cats couldn’t taste sweetness! That is so strange and interesting~
😍Extra information on cat breeds from A-Z which I really liked reading. Would have liked to get kilos and centimetres though.
😍A glossary at the end to explain the highlighted words! Definitely a bonus~

😔A big minus though is that the book felt like a PowerPoint presentation instead of a book. One page is all white with text on it with the title in a special colour and font and then the other text in black with a word or so highlighted. Then next slide, um page, is a photograph. I would just have liked to get a bit more of a book-feel rather than a PP presentation. I am hoping that when the book comes out for real that the ebook and the physical will look better.

All in all, I did have fun reading this one, but I just missed the book-feel.

Star rating, 3 stars

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