Review for Oh So Small or Big And Tall

Review for Oh So Small or Big And Tall

Oh So Small or Big and Tall Emilie Godin , Natalia Peña, Fantasy, Dreams, Imagination, Children's Book, Picture Book, Boy standing in-between the titleI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to say yes to this request when I saw the adorable blurb! About a boy who wishes he was oh so small… and then later oh so big and tall! Which I could relate to, even as an adult I still wonder how it would be if I was either small or very tall. And as a kid I loved that movie featuring the professor and the kids who got small and had to go through house and garden.

In this book we meet a little boy who wonders how it would be to be very small (and no not small as in a bit shorter, no more like ant-sized) or very tall (and not like my hubby’s almost 2 metres but tall as a tree, as mountains). We begin with very small and see the boy tell us how he would love to be small. To eat pineapples who would be very tall. Or helping the ants in the sand! And OMG, I want to swim in puddles as well, haha, that sounds fab. I really loved seeing him fantasize about all he wanted to do when small, and then.. what about the opposite? Because being small is interesting (yes) but what about being as tall as a tree? I mean you could give some of the best hugs! I really loved the imagination of the boy and loved seeing what he would do if he was either of those things.

In the first panel we meet a snail, Joe Scargot (brilliant name), and from then on he follows us on our journey/dream, so I had fun seeing him in every picture!

I loved that the end is open to your own thoughts, what would you rather be? And what would you do if you were either?

The illustrations were just so much fun. I really enjoyed the style + how colourful it was!

All in all, this was a fun book, very relatable and enjoyable. I would recommend it to all!

Star rating, 4 stars

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