Review for Penguin Huddle

Review for Penguin Huddle

Penguin Huddle Ross Montgomery , Sarah Warburton , Penguins, Picture Book, Humour, Huddle, Ice, Adventure, Travelling, Animals, Children's BooksA laugh-out-loud book about a group of penguins that get frozen to each in a huddle.

I read this one in Dutch but loved it so much I decided to write a bigger review in English. Because more people need to read this hilarious picture book.

In this book we meet a group of penguins. They are having the best of times. Ice skating, fishing, dancing, and more! At night it gets cold so they huddle.. but what happens when penguins are wet and the wind is cold and the weather is even colder? They get frozen together! One of them still can walk, so we get some hilarious situations as our penguins try to locate friends to help them out. But what if even your friends cannot help you out? Then it is time for a big big adventure, and time to to find help in the big city! I just LOVED it when the penguins got to the big city and seeing them wander around. There was SO much to see and so many animals that were trying to help them out. I loved seeing what kind of places they would visit, plus I got some places of my own that I would just love to say hi to. I mean, a magpie owning a jewellery story? I need to know how! A theater with animals? Yes!

But. And I know that this is a children’s books. But I got a big But. I could imagine them not unfreezing when they were in their home place, but how did they not defrost while travelling? How did that ice not break or just melt entirely? We did see some melting but it was very minimal and I found it a shame. I think what would have worked for me, if they got lose one by one. And then at the end you still had one or two or three stuck.

The ending was cute though and it definitely warmed me up. I am curious though, what will the penguins do next? Can we please get more books about this group of penguins?

I love that the whole book rhymed. It made it dance. It made it stand out more for me.

The art by Sarah Warburton was A-PLUS PLUS again. Really, I just love her style and it is no different in this one. The many details, the way the animals were drawn, the hilarious things you can discover, and more. Wouldn’t mind some prints from this book to hang up on my walls~ Oh, and be sure to check out the endpapers!

All in all, if you want a laugh-out-loud book with plenty of chaos and warmth you need to check this one out!

Star rating, 4 stars

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