Review for Ran the Peerless Beauty, Vol. 1

Review for Ran the Peerless Beauty, Vol. 1

Ran the Peerless Beauty, Vol. 1 Ammitsu, Falling in Love, Flowers, Plants, Girl, Cute, Adorable, MangaAn adorable and cute manga with gorgeous art and fun characters!

In this one we meet Ran, a girl who is very beautiful and often admired by everyone. Not just in school, but also outside of that. I loved that Ran wasn’t haughty or anything. Oh no, she just works hard, studies, and well, doesn’t seem to do anything for her beauty. Haha, which seems unfair but some people are just blessed with good looks. I loved that through Akira she gets to see a whole different world (she is quite innocent in points), it was just adorable to see her get flustered or stutter when he got close.

Akira is such a sweetheart and I love that he treated Ran as a normal girl. A girl he is very much interested in. I loved the things he did for her. How he made her smile.

The romance between the two, or I should say, the blossoming love/romance was adorable. These two have IT and I was just rooting for them. Reading Ran say this after a very wonderful day in the sunflowers: “I think.. I’m falling for Saeki-kun.” And that she had the guts, at the end of the volume, to ask him THAT. I was just delighted and they are so cute!

I am a big fan of flowers and gardening so I was excited to see that flowers get such a big spotlight in this book. It plays a big role in both of their lives. Ran is part of the gardenclub and really loves taking care of plants and flowers. And Akira? Akira works at a flower/plant shop! I just loved that they could bond over this one and that Akira could tell Ran even more facts about plants and such. So sweet! Plus, I loved that each chapter had a little bit of info on the plants, like keywords or translations. That was just a nice touch. Plus, that flowers are mentioned in the chapters. LOVE.

And the art. OMG, the art. It was just so pretty and I love the style A LOT.

All in all, this was one manga that I loved and that I would love to keep on reading. I see it is available in German. Maybe by the time this review goes up (writing this late May) I will have one or more volumes~ I would recommend this one!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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