Review for Solve Your Own Mystery: The Time Thief

Review for Solve Your Own Mystery: The Time Thief

Solve Your Own Mystery: The Time Thief Gareth P. Jones , Louise Forshaw, Children's Book, Time Travel, Sci-Fi, Magic, Fantasy, Fun, Choose Your Own Adventure, Mermaids, Time, ThiefWill you find the time thief? Or will the Time Sponge be in bad hands forever?

The second book in the Solve Your Own Mystery and I am so happy I had the chance to read this one, and yes, I also bought the third book as soon as I finished this one. I just love this one too much~

In this book we have a new mystery on our hands and it is that a time sponge has been stolen. I can hear you ask, time sponge?? Yes, a time sponge. Squeeze it once and time stops depending on hard you squeeze it, you can imagine that this is something that a lot of people want! But who out of all the suspects actually did it? And I had fun going on the investigation and exploring all the secrets, and it definitely helps that the book is from the POV as if you are really part of it. I loved going to all the places and meeting characters new and from the previous book and exploring some more of this mysterious side of the town. There is still so much to explore!

The mystery was very well written and you are constantly thrown off a loop, though eventually I managed to have 2 suspects and yes, yes, yes, one of them was the culprit! I did have a big laugh at the reason why they stole it, that is pretty valid I guess. Not that I approve of stealing, but sometimes I wouldn’t mind some extra time to do things. And I am sure a lot of bookworms also agree with me, more book reading!

I have followed one path and reached one of the endings, but also went with another ending after I finished that one. So fun how many paths you can take and what they lead to! I will also read the other paths and see what more there is to find~

And I just love love the illustrations by Louise Forshaw! They are so much fun and make the mystery and magic even more fun!

All in all, I had so much fun and I flew through this book. I would highly recommend this one (and the first one) if you love magic, mystery, and that you can pick your own path.

Star rating, 5 stars

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