Review for The Big Flush

Review for The Big Flush

The Area 51 Files #2 The Big Flush Julie Buxbaum , Lavanya Naidu , Children's Books, Girl and two boys and an incoming toilet, sci-fi, aliens, humour, familyI received this book from the publisher/TBR and Beyond Tours in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, I was so excited when I saw the sign-up on TBR and Beyond Tours. I really enjoyed the first book (see review here) and just HAD to sign up. Because I was already looking forward to more of this series. More adventures. More aliens. More fun!

In this one we continue were we left off and immediately kick into the fun! Because SURPRISE, Elvis has family coming by. And not just any family, his parents. Yep. Along with a little brother. Cue lots of awkwardness but also tons of fun! Because that little brother was just such a fun addition to the gang. Sometimes little brothers/sisters don’t work out for me in books, but this little guy? He was just so adorable and fun. And I loved seeing him enjoy life on Earth more and more! Including wanting a birthday!

I love that the threat to Area 51 was a toilet. I mean, a toilet. That doesn’t sound very threatening. At all. But given how fast it can go and what it can do, I guess the threat is real! It does fit with the book and how silly/fun it is at times. A toilet is just a perfect threat. Plus, something related to toilets also makes its appearance and EWW! Plus, the threat is not just a toilet, but also figuring out who is the spy that works with the aliens plotting this one. Because you can just figure that it isn’t the aliens. There must be someone inside helping them! I loved seeing the kids try to figure out things, even though the adults were all telling them to don’t do it. But you cannot stop Sky. And with that Elvis, Gertie, and Elvis’ little brother. Their investigation was a ton of fun and I loved seeing more of Area 51 and all that it entails.

The ending was one big rollercoaster of fun and I just couldn’t stop reading! It was just so exciting!

Once again, I wouldn’t mind to get the guide to Area 51 in my hands. Yes, Sky finds it boring, but to me it sounds a heck ton of fun!

Six other things I loved were the chapter titles which always made me look forward to each new chapter, we definitely need more books with fun chapter titles. And then there are the illustrations which were just A-plus fun. Also seeing that the relationship between the hedgehog and the dog was still strong made me smile! Plus, new aliens including ones that are just Spotify in alien form! There tons of references (did you know that Nailed It is known across the galaxy?) and puns~ Oh, and seeing the baddies from the previous book changing their lives, they made me laugh, though I have to say for a bit I was also quite sus about them, I mean it is a BIG change!

There was one thing and that was that Sky was a tad eh at times. Elvis is clearly not happy at times with his family around, which I couldn’t blame him, I mean hello they are everywhere and it is just superduper awkward between his real and his earth parents. But Sky was acting at times as if he should just be happy that he had parents. She had none. And I find that very toxic. It is sad that you lost your parents and it is a terrible thing. But people are allowed to be unhappy about their parents or talk negatively about them. As a girl with a very toxic mom, I don’t feel happy to hear that I should just be happy I at least got parents. Yay. No.

All in all, I would recommend this book to all and I cannot wait for what is next. Not just because I need another adventure, but also because of what is mentioned at the end. I need deets!

Star rating, 4 stars

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