Review for There’s Nothing Faster Than a Cheetah

Review for There’s Nothing Faster Than a Cheetah

There's Nothing Faster Than a Cheetah Tom Nicoll , Ross Collins , Pink, Animals, Race, Humour, Silly, Funny, Children's Books, Picture BookRemember the tale of the hare and the turtle? Well, get ready for a new tale, this time the Cheetah vs the Snail (and well also other animals).

I have had my eyes on this book for a while and then in April I could finally buy it! Whoo! I just love picture books and this one look spectacularly fun~

In this one we follow a race between animals who all have their own ways to get to the finish line. From penguin on pogo sticks to a motorcycle gang of mice to a hippo floating about (yes, really). It was a feast for the eyes, though I did feel for the animals as Cheetah just runs and runs and dashes and jumps. Seemingly not getting tired! I was just rooting for anyone to win!

I absolutely loved seeing the snails appear on each page (yes, be sure to look around closely as sometimes they aren’t easily spotted) carrying all sorts of things and I was just dang curious what they are going to make… and if it would be enough to beat a Cheetah… or not. I really looked forward to it and along the way I just enjoyed all the other inventions and contraptions everyone used.

The ending had me in stitches and I was cheering and WHOOOING and it was just great~ I won’t spoil anything.

The illustrations by Ross Collins are just perfection. I love the style, love how colourful it was, love how it fitted with the fun story!

All in all, I would recommend this picture book to all~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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