Review for This Winter

Review for This Winter

Solitaire #0.5 This Winter Alice Oseman, Young Adult, Brothers, Sister, Heartstopper, Solitaire, Romance, LGBT, Novella, Christmas, Lamp, Snow, Mental Health, Eating Disorder, Family, Red, Snow, House, TreeOne Christmas, three siblings, mental health, a dash of love, and oh yes Mario Kart.

I was a bit hesitant when I saw this book in the library. On the one hand I really wanted it, because Heartstopper, but on the other hand so far I just haven’t had a click with Alice Oseman. I love her graphic novels and her art, but the stories and me aren’t a match. But I still took it along, and DANG I am happy I did because this was a fab read!

In this book we follow the three Spring siblings through a whole day of Christmas, from waking up early to unwrapping presents to family to stress to anger to love and more. It was just so fun (and maybe also a tad sad given things) to see the day through the Spring siblings eyes. We start off with the oldest, aka Tori, aka taking no bullshit girl. We see how she feels about this Christmas, we read about her worries for Charlie and trying to make sure that he is fine and that he is happy, we read how she is woken in the earliest hours by the adorable little brother, yep, he has a card with music and oh yes it is CHRISTMAS!!! So WAKE UP! Haha, I just loved reading from Tori’s POV, though at times I just wanted to hug her. It is a weird Christmas for everyone, and we see that she still feels guilty that she didn’t help her younger brother earlier. We read her thoughts on her family and all the events.

And then we switch over to Charlie! Yes! Charlie! Ach, I just wanted to hug that boy so much. He hasn’t had it easy and his family (and not talking about his siblings) doesn’t make it easy either. Asking him questions about food, about being gay, about therapy and if it means he is cured now, about the place he went through and all the judgement there. It is no wonder that things just EXPLODE. I don’t blame him, and I found his mom pretty rude as well. COME ON, Charlie is doing his best. His utter best. Instead of saying that and giving compliments, oh no. rolls eyes I did think that Charlie could have at least given his sister a hug or tell her to come along. Instead of just running off to his boyfriend. Yep. He just ran off, and while I could understand it, and probably would have done the same if I were in his shoes, I still wished he had at least been a bit kinder to Tori. Next up are scenes featuring Nick and Charlie, and also Nick’s family (including dickymcdickison the brother of Nick). I loved how sweet these two are together and I loved that Nick listened and was there for Charlie, and that Nick’s family (for most at least) was open and friendly and included Charlie in so many things!

Lastly we read about the youngest Spring sibling, Oliver. Who is very much wondering where his siblings went and why no one wants to play Mario Kart with him (yes, priorities of a 7 year old, haha). I loved that it ended with this sibling, and I loved reading his thoughts on the situation and loved seeing how much he loved his older siblings.

I just flew right through this book and I am so happy that I gave it a shot. I would definitely recommend this one to all! I may want to re-read this one when Christmas comes around~

Star rating, 4 stars

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