Review for Time Travel Sleepover: Ancient Egypt

Review for Time Travel Sleepover: Ancient Egypt

Time Travel Sleepover: Ancient Egypt: Eat, Sleep and Party Like an Ancient Egyptian!  Timothy Knapman ,  Matt Robertson, Fun, Time Travel, Egypt, Ancient Egypt, History, Friendship, Children's Book, Picture Book, Cats, Pyramid, Portal, Boys, GirlsI received this book from Netgalley in exchange of an honest review~

I love sleepovers (I miss those days) and I love Ancient Egypt. So I just had to click that request button so fast!

In this book we follow Jake and Lula along with Clawdia as they go for a sleepover to Ancient Egypt. Yep! I know what you are thinking, my dear blogreaders. How does one from the modern times go to Ancient Egypt and for a sleepover even? Well the book has some funny and clear instructions on that one, you just wiggle your butt, spin around while wrinkling your nose, and some more moves and there is a portal! I am not sure how you make sure you travel to the right time, but I guess a lot of thinking?

Anyways, our duo (along with cute kitty) is in Egypt and we follow them as they meet Tuya and Senbi and go with them to their house and more! I really loved that these two instantly made friends as soon as they came out of a portal. And then the fun starts because we follow the duo and their new friends and learn all about Egypt. From homes to clothes to food and more. It was really fun how it was all done, really integrating it in the story. I loved how Jake and Lula are very eager and curious to learn all about Egypt. OK, sometimes they wish they weren’t, given that they even helped out with chores and work. Haha. And eventually we get to the midnight feast and the sleeping over~

Even Clawdia makes a friend! Yep, Nebet makes an appearance and it is clear that Clawdia quite likes how Egyptians worship their cats.

The art in this one was just so fun and I love the style! So colourful, full of details.

All in all, I hope that we see Tuya and Senbi again and I also hope that Lula and Jake have many more sleepover adventures. I cannot wait to see what is next for them. Rome? Japan? Peru/South America? Please, more books!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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