Review for Villains Academy

Review for Villains Academy

VILLAINS ACADEMY, Ryan Hammond, Wolf, Lion, Witch, Humour, Friendship, Insecurity, Blue, Fantasy, Magic, Evil, Villains, Boarding SchoolIt is time to learn how to be a villain.. but do you really want to be one?

Welcome to Villain Academy where you will be taught to be the best villain! I just couldn’t resist. Hello boarding school of evil! Meet Bram who is a green werewolf/wolf creature (and he even glows but not in the sunlight but in the moonlight). He is very excited to learn all about being bad! About being a villain! But he is also uncertain and definitely needs to find his courage!

In this book we read about lessons, about things going missing and who has done it, about a maze (which I loved), about villain of the week (so cool), about friendship/being a team, and much more. While I don’t want to be a villain, I wouldn’t mind visiting for a day or so. It sounds so fun and evil! I loved reading about the various people in school. We got a ghost, a lion (who would rather sleep), a witch (with an attitude), and there is more! It was such a fun diverse cast.

The ending was also a great one, I am so happy with all that happened. The witch is still not my favourite, but I did love what she did for her team!

There are also tons of fun illustrations and I just love love love them!

I wasn’t always a fan of the negative spiral that our MC got into. Maybe it is because it hit close home? I don’t know. I know I am also very insecure, not about being a villain, haha, I have no aspirations like that, but I worry plenty about other things. I just wished that someone would tell him that he was doing good and not just let him take the blame, or in case of the witch, be a bitch about everything. These guys are going to be the baddies but that doesn’t mean you have to not care about someone’s feelings. Someone should have told Bram it would be fine. That it is OK if you don’t feel like a baddie now. Well, OK, someone did, but it wasn’t til the ending.

The director/mentor of the class our MC is in. Holy crap, I disliked that guy so much. I get that he is evil and a baddie, but I just found him rude and hurtful. I would like to know what his reasons are for such a personal vendetta against one of his own students. Yes, I would call it that.

But other than a few things I really had fun reading this one and I would love to read the next one! If there is another one that is. I hope so!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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