Review for Wow in the Wild: The Amazing World of Animals

Review for Wow in the Wild: The Amazing World of Animals

Wow in the World: Wow in the Wild: The Amazing World of Animals by Mindy Thomas, Guy Raz, Jack Teagle, Green, Science, Animals, Humour, Children's BooksThe newest Wow in the World and this time we are going to find out all there is about animals!

It took over a year but in April I could FINALLY buy this one. Finally Amazon had it in stock along with a good price. And then in May it was time! Finally I could dig into this book~

In this delightful book we find out everything from insects to flappy birds to not so flappy birds to mammals and marsupials to fishes and marine mammals and so much more. And all done in a fun creative, hilarious, funny, interesting way. With tons of illustrations, fun quizzes (are you a bird?), fashion magazines with the latest trends (like for horns or feathers), to a language course (can you speak Whaaaalllle?), conversations between Guy/Mindy and also sometimes even animals, every page has a fun surprise and I was just enjoying myself immensely. Mindy and Guy on their own, well that would work, as they can write really well, but the illustrations, the comics, everything, it just brings it even further to life to the point that you just don’t want to stop reading!

I love that the book is split up in sections highlighting different species, from birds to fish. And then highlighting all sorts from the more famous and known ones to some more unknown critters. Once again though, the insect part was hard to read. This girl ain’t that big on insects. shivers

The facts are really fun to read and while I knew a lot of them already, there were still a few that weren’t that known to me. I just love it when a book about a topic I love can still surprise me!

All in all, highly recommended (along with the other two books that are out). I hope that Mindy and Guy write many many more books like this, I want more!

Star rating, 5 stars

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