Review for Yotsuba&!, Vol.14 + Vol.15

Review for Yotsuba&!, Vol.14 + Vol.15

Yotsuba&! 14 Kiyohiko Azuma, Humour, Slice of Life, Girl, Stuff, Home, MangaA combined review for these two fun volumes. Princesses and school!

In April I got a new batch of German to read, which included two Yotsuba I still had to read~ I thought it would be fun to review them but wasn’t in the mood to do big ones. So I decided small ones were perfect and here were are. It was a lot of fun reading these two volumes and I cannot wait for more Yotsuba!

Volume 14: Star rating, 5 stars: This was oodles of fun! I really missed this series so I am glad that I can continue this series with the Tokyopop DE editions~ dances
In this one Yotsuba becomes a princess when she she reads a book, which includes her making some long hair (crafts and ribbons) and a friend making her a dress (which was totally awesome and I loved seeing Yotsuba go from sceptic to totally amazed), I had such a laugh how offended she was that her dad didn’t notice she was being a princess. So cute! And there is more! There is questions asked to friends because Yotsuba is going to Tokyo! She wants to know all the best spots + more. I loved that people around her are so kind to her, plus either play along (like with the gems she got from Jumbo) or really help her out. And then there is the trip to Tokyo! I just love seeing her and her dad having fun and meeting with family and eating all the food. That part with the girls dressed as aliens was hilarious, loved that the girl did a little play for Yotsuba, so cute! Yotsuba is adorable, a bit precocious but I love it. She makes me smile and laugh.

Yotsuba&!, Vol. 15 Kiyohiko Azuma, Slice of Life, Manga, Cute, Girl, Man, Sea, Beach,Volume 15: Star rating, 5 stars This was oodles of fun and I felt for Yotsuba’s dad in the end. Yotsuba is growing up fast and is going to school soon-ish. She went from always being around and him having to care for her full time to mor grown-up, going to be away for several hours a day.
The rest of the volume was fun, we are cramming (though Yotsuba doesn’t know what it is and thankfully they explain her even making a special test for her), we are going stone collecting and only the beautiful ones can come home (and boy I wish I could have come along with them because those stones are just gorgeous, I do have to say for a moment I thought the guy was lying), there is a backpack chapter (which also leads to some tears for Yotsuba’s dad), and there is much more. I love how everyone is with Yotsuba and I loved how she was in this volume. I cannot wait to see her in school, I am hoping that the series doesn’t stop before that. I think Yotsuba can still work as she is in school (and there are plenty of moments outside of school).

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