Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.8

Review for Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead, Vol.8

Zombie 100 – Bucket List of the Dead 8 Haro Aso , Kōtarō Takata, Zombies, Horror, Purple, Dinosaurs, Travelling, Horror, ApocalypseThe gang is back! This time a lot of sake (whooo!), dinosaurs, zombies, and more!

This one continues where we left off, well OK, not entirely as instead of the helicopter we are now back to the motor and camper! Yep, they have returned to their vehicles and I was very happy with that. While I wouldn’t have minded more helicopter stuff, I do love a classic road trip a bit more!

In this one we do a lot of fun bucket list things again, like standing under a waterfall, visiting new sights, and think of new things to add. And the two biggest are drinking sake and visiting a park/museum full of dinosaurs with even their own digging site. Two wonderful things and of course also plenty of zombies. The first one they have a fun time with sake, though again, just like all those other zombie/horror books, be sure to check everyone for bites! Or else you may just end in a big bucket of sake to save yourself. Teehee. And I just loved that dinosaur park/museum, it was also mentioned in another manga I am reading, Everyday Escape, and I would SO SO love to visit it one day. Like Akira (and the guy we meet later on) I am a big fan of dinosaurs and I would just love to be there. In a post-apocalypse world? That would be one of my fav places along with a library or a bookstore.

And we have an added companion to the trip, namely the KI/AI butler from the hotel! I thought that maybe he would just bring them to their vehicles and then leave, but instead he is in it! And he is quite helpful and fun addition to the group. I loved what he did in the dinosaur chapters, can he also do that for me? I wouldn’t mind that to my companion.. though maybe I should go for something smaller, haha.

The last chapter was boring as heck. I did kind of like it given how it fit with the story and Akira’s mood at the moment, but it just didn’t feel like it fitted entirely and I just noticed myself tuning out.

But in overall, this was another fab volume in this series and I cannot wait for the next volume and for the anime to air (which by the time this review is live will have had 1/2 episodes).

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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