Library Haul ~ 12-8-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 12-8-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Afternoon all!

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A happy welcome to a new Library #2/#3 Haul! We are 13 days into my vacation and I am having a great time! With some new great books to read, eep!

I am just going to mention both libraries in one go as it wasn’t super-exciting. Haha. First up was Library #3 and that one made me so so happy, at the entrance floor with all the new releases? I found 8 books! I dumped most of them with my hubby who was sitting there while he was waiting for me. If you see the picture of Library #3’s haul you will understand that I wasn’t in the mood to haul all of these books throughout the library, haha. After that I just went upstairs to check out the graphic novels + children/YA section to see if I could find 4 more books! It was a nice walk and I did find some books, though I also went back to one book that was at the entrance floor because I still had room for one more book and that book was just calling for me.
Next up was Library #2 and I had 7 reservations waiting. Yep. Disappointing again. I did have fun walking around the library but I didn’t find a whole lot so I decided to bring a few magazines along as well. Hopefully, very hopefully, things will get better when the vacation-period is over, because lately it is has been just so sad with my hauls from this place.

But I still got some books and I am excited to read them~ With a dwindling physical TBR (just 7-8 books left on the stack) + still 19 days of vacation, I could use some new Library books!

STATS: 16 at Library #2 and 12 at Library #3! Sad about Library #2, but very happy with Library #3.

NOTE: Photos 1 is Library #2 and Photo 2 is Library #3.

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Prinses Luka by Ineke Debels, Katrien Banaets
Muk naar de top by Mark Haayema
Een prachtige pechdag by Eva Lindell
De spiegels van het Krasnapolsky Hotel by Sjoerd Kuyper
Wordt vervolgd… by Jennefer Mellink
Winterijs by Peter van Gestel
Je speelt met vuur by Astrid Sercu
Daantje Dirigentje by Elle van Lieshout, Erik van Os
Rudy hoort er ook nog bij by Manon Kroezen
Kids love cooking kookboek by Nina de Bruijn
Interieurs van herrijzend Nederland by Marieke Kuipers
Wonderplants 2 by Irene Schampaert
De wereld rond in 80 glazen by Jules Gaubert-Turpin, Adrien Grant Smith Bianchi

Sneakers by Neal Heard
De erfgenaam by Randi Fuglehaug, Anne Gunn Halvorsen
Het lied van de zee by A.G. Slatter
Tante Betty by Michal Nobach-Bergen
Classic Cars by Phil Patton
50 Ultimate Sports Cars by Charlotte Fiell, Peter Fiell
World Press Photo 2023 by Hatje Cantz
A is van Bij by Ellen Heck
Love me Tinder by Karolina Szejda
Noorwegen by Brice Portolano
Batik by Kees de Ruiter
Eden | Garden Designs by Marcel Wolterinck

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