New Releases I Hope To Read September 2023

New Releases I Hope To Read September 2023

Afternoon all!

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A happy welcome! It is time to share what new releases of September I am most hyped about~

August is a pretty good month so far! All vacation time! I am spending most of my time reading and relaxing. With a dash of going to places, gardening, baking, and I want to grab my Switch as well. Still got 13 days left before August is over, and then 3 more days until I truly start again with normal day to day stuff. I am so happy with a whole month of doing nothing. I really needed it. That is also why I took some time off from blogging, or well, mostly, as I am still making some posts + got some posts already written and waiting. And remember our best friend and his kitchen? He has finally decided on one! WHOO! Slowly, bit by bit, things will be completed and then it is waiting for the apartment building to be build. I am so happy for him.
As for Coco, she is really going through puppy puberty. HOLY. She is a sweety, super cuddly and adorable, but some days it just seems she forgot it all. This past week we have learned to keep a real close eye on her as she already had some pee accidents, while she normally can hold it in for 6-8 hours. Listening? NO mom and dad, I don’t wanna. At times it is a bit TOO much frankly. We love her, but LORD. I hope that this phase passes fast.
I also got some new items for my baking, namely cups! They aren’t that easy to find here, yes, probably online but I like to see if the material is good + online they are often quite expensive. But I found some great ones at a store I love, Xenos. Now there is no more need for calculations and figuring out how much grams a cup is for either sugar/flour, or whatever else. Such a hassle!

Reading-wise, well, it is a fantastic month! Really! I am reading like mad. Even madder than mad. haha. It is such a delight to just keep on reading and not have to think about other things too much. I have read manga, my vacation TBR, several library books, some graphic novels. I also read a few books from Netgalley. It is fab!

This upcoming month holds some really great books and I just cannot wait to get my hands on them! EEP!

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2 thoughts on “New Releases I Hope To Read September 2023

  1. Ooo I love the girl in white, it’s such a good book, hope you enjoy it when you read it.

    1. I was hoping to read it last year, but then the paperback got cancelled/removed and here I am, haha. Thank you! I cannot wait to finally read it! I love her work!

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