(Not So) Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 1-8-2023 (Vacation Edition)

(Not So) Sunday’s TBR Updates ~ 1-8-2023 (Vacation Edition)

Afternoon all!

A happy welcome to the first TBR Updates for the Vacation! What do I hope to read in the first week of my vacation?

This time my vacation started on a Tuesday and I didn’t want to spoil too much of my Vacation TBR, so here we are, on a Tuesday! Haha. But I really wanted to share what I hope to read the upcoming week with all my readers! Though I have to say it wasn’t that easy to pick a couple of books from my stack to read this week. I got so many good books on this stack + I have been waiting for months for some of them to finally read them! In the end I did manage to pick a couple of books and those you will be seeing here! I also added the two library books (one from #4 and one from #1) that I still had left to read.

As for my non-reading plans this week? Well, today I hope to visit the cinema to see either Barbie or the Haunted Mansion, and then on another day I will watch the other one. Plus, I want to visit Library #1, and maybe check out an older library that I used to frequent when I lived in Library #1’s city, they recently moved to a new location and I am just so curious to see how it looks! But let’s see what the weather does. At point of writing this (on Monday (got to get everything ready for vacation)) it is rainy and stormy. Crossing fingers that things look up when my vacation truly starts! I also started watching Schitt’s Creek so I want to continue that and see if it is as good as people claim it to be, haha.

I am also not sure if I will post an update weekly. This year I also want to take it A LOT easier in regards to blogging. You can check my schedule to see what is coming, and there may be some added things, but not a whole lot. This time my vacation is also rest from my blog as it is just a bit much lately.

Ready for my TBR this week? Here we go!

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Let me know what you think of my TBR + let me know if there is anything you read/are interested in! Thank you all for reading and I am off to do nothing, haha.

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