Review for Cuckoos Three

Review for Cuckoos Three

Cuckoos Three Cassandra Jean (Illustrator) , Mosskat, Romance, Young Adult, Mental Health, Small Town, Cute, Adorable, Two boys hugging covered in flowersI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

OMG, I was just so hyped when I was approved for this book. I just love Cassandra Jean’s work, like I really loved Reindeer Boy! So I was very excited to try out this one!

In this one a city boy and a smalltown boy meet each other when the city boy moves to live in the small town, even smackdab next to the smalltown boy. There is an instant connection, no so much instalove, but there is something and I was immediately rooting for these two. I loved it! I loved learning more about each of the characters, about what makes them tick. And Jacob (the city boy) has a lot going on which learn quite early on, but as the story continues we truly learn what is going on. Jacob has Dissociative identity disorder and that means that at times he is just not there. The first time we see it is when Jacob goes missing and Murry finds him in a barn. Jacob has no idea what he has been doing there and didn’t know that hours and hours have passed. But as the story continues we see more and more of DID and what it entails. We learn that Jacob hasn’t had the easiest childhood with his birthparents and that this is a reason why he is switching/why things happen. It was really well written and my heart broke, I loved that Murry stayed. That he tried to be there for Jacob, tried to help when he could, didn’t get angry when Jacob switched and things happening. It was just so sweet, and it makes me happy.

Murry was such a fun character as well! A farmboy but also the star of the sportsteam at school. But he is also very sweet and adorable and I loved how he was there for Jacob. We really got two fantastic characters that you will really love and that will stick with you even after the story.

And of course these two will be dating! Which was adorable and made me squee many a time. I loved seeing them together and see them share kisses, lie in the back of the truck (which is such an American thing to do, haha) and watch stars. I love how Murry didn’t care what people thought about him dating a guy. Sadly, we see that there are a couple of bigots in the town, I was definitely worried for my sweet boys, and sadly things do happen. I am glad that in the end Murry and Jacob got people on their side and that they weren’t alone in this.

Oh, and I just love the smaller guy and big guy romance trope. Is it a trope? I would say yes, haha, and I love it.

I loved that at the end we got some more epilogue/short bits featuring Murry and Jacob, because these two kept on dating even in university years and beyond. So cute! And I was delighted that the author added some more information on DID by letting Jacob chat about it.

The art was, of course duh, fantastic and I loved every bit of it.

Ah, I would like to warn peeps that there is a mention of suicide, not very big, but I know for me seeing those wounds + hear him chat about it was more than enough.

All in all, I flew through this book, it was just adorable, sweet, at times heartbreaking and sad, but all around fantastic. You will love these characters and their bond/their romance. Highly recommended.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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