Review for GremoryLand Volume 1

Review for GremoryLand Volume 1

GremoryLand Volume 1 A. Rasen, Horror, Slasher, Gore, Blood, Amusement Park, Scary, Themepark, Mascots, Backstories, Teeth, Young AdultI received this book from Netgalley/publisher in exchange of an honest review.

After a lot of frustrating moments I was able to read this one. Just had to re-install my whole ADE and all that. But now I could finally read it and BOY, what a RIDE.

In this one 6 teens are invited to the park. Well, to be exact, one of them is and the others can come along. But will they like this horrifying park? Will they survive when things go very bloody and dark? It was certainly a messed up ride, a lot like a slasher. Because well, holy crap. If you thought things weren’t scary with the rides doing their things, or having guards that aren’t happy with noise… think again when you see several mascots behind you ready to chainsaw you to death. As you imagine there is just not a moment to just breathe. Not if you want to live.

I absolutely loved how we switched POVs, we are mostly seeing things through Zoe’s eyes, but we also get backstories and see how the others experience the park. I loved that we got backstories.. though well, at times they were pretty horrifying or saddened me. There are some shocking revelations in there, but we also learn about characters. Like Rami and him being gay and how he felt when Jax went to the dark side and broke up the friendship (and well the other feelings). Or how Zoe’s homelife just was the worst.

I do have to say that with each twist I was less and less a fan of the group. In the end I had two peeps, Zoe and Bruno that I was OK with and hoping they would get out.

I do have so many questions. Who is Chandler. What happened to Eva and who is Eva. We only see a glimpse of her at the ending and then also get THAT said in the ending so I am like, WAIT, what? Also what is Gremoryland, is it a revenge park? Is it something else? I mean, yes, these kids apparently did something wrong (and some did do something wrong), but to have that happen to them? UMMM. So yeah, I hope that the next volume explains some things!

The art was well done, the style was very fitting for this slasher/scary graphic novel.

But all in all, this was a freaking ride. Scary. Exciting. Shocking. Full of danger and revelations. I need more! I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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