Review for Me, My Brother and the Monster Meltdown

Review for Me, My Brother and the Monster Meltdown

Me, My Brother and the Monster Meltdown Rob Lloyd Jones, Alex Patrick, Imagination, Magic, Fantasy, Monsters, Humour, Friendship, Two Boys and a ton of monsters breaking through a wall, silly, children's booksTwo brothers, tons of chaos, the end of the world, laser-firing-sharks, and more!

What if you find out that the hate your brother has for supermarkets goes a bit deeper when monsters start appearing… monsters that suspiciously look like the ones he drew! It was just fab and I loved it when the kids found out how it happened. I loved how the little brother was just mostly impressed by it all and the big brother was going between impressed and OMG apocalypse and how to solve this problem!

I loved that we met all the other kids that the oldest brother knows and I loved their personalities. Well, OK, maybe not the snot-eating kid, HURGH but I did laugh because of the girl who kept trying to burp the alphabet. That is me! I tried that and other things when I was a kid. And well, maybe still do at times when no one is around, teehee. It was fun to see them all try to work together and I had a laugh at how many hands the pen has passed by. I guess most of the kids wished they had kept it though given everything.

The monsters were just so much fun and I loved the imagination that went into it!

I had such a laugh at all the effort they put into things.. only for them to wonder why they didn’t go for an easier plan at first. Haha. They really went through all the efforts and I was like, but wait. Can’t you at least do x or y first? Hello?

Bonus points to the grandmother of one of the kids. I am sorry, but finding a new hobby is one thing… it being witchcraft/magic is a whole other thing. And then there is the library which I would love to visit. I mean, normal hobbies are fine, but it seems that this library has a fair share of some more, say unusual, hobbies. And I need it!

The illustrations were perfection and the style was just so fitting for the story!

I was a bit on the fence on the ending though. On the one hand YAY for the kids and I had a laugh at what the brothers said as last bit, on the other hand, what the F is wrong with you people to do that? Hello? Excuse me? Thankfully, it does end up happy, but that ending was just a bit like WHUT?

And the way the adults reacted had me a bit on the fence as well. For most they were just acting so dumb it got on my nerves.

All in all, I had fun and read this in one go. It was just too much fun! I would recommend it~

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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