Review for The Big Bang and Other Farts

Review for The Big Bang and Other Farts

I received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just had to get this book! I mean, I know that I am 18+ but farts still make me laugh and snicker + I was curious about all the farts in the documentary!

In this book a family of rats (dad + his two kids) are watching a documentary, the kids are expecting it to be very boring because it is about important moments in history so they are complaining. But oh what a turn that documentary takes. Dad wished he had checked the tv guide before being so excited about it. XD Because all the historic moments? Are defined by farts. Yep. Farts. BIG ONES. small ones. itty bitty tiny ones. But all had something in common, they marked a new era. Thought the dinosaurs died due to a comet/meteor? WRONG! It was a volcano letting out a fart! Think that Ice Age going away was because of the temperature heating up.. sure, but that was actually a baby mammoths fart that caused that heat to happen. Yep. And that is how many more moments go and in between seeing that documentary we get comments from both the kids and dad. The kids are, of course, very excited about this documentary, and dad is offended because FARTS and incorrect facts! In the mean time I am just rolling around laughing because it was just so silly.

And the art also helped with the funny events. We would first see a perfectly nice scene, but what is that, there is someone farting. And the next scene is the farter looking very embarrassed (or very happy) and everyone else trying to run away and not puke or get sick. It just had me in complete stitches and I loved it. Loved checking out all those expressions. See a big or tiny cloud of green noxious gas go up in the air.

Yes. I loved it. The ending was a bit sudden, it was funny, but it was just boom, over. I was checking my copy to see if something was missing, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

All in all, I had fun and laughed so many times! I would highly recommend this one. It will be a hit with adults like me and kids!

Star rating, 4 stars

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