Vacation Mode: ON (Blogging Schedule for August)

Vacation Mode: ON (Blogging Schedule for August)

HI everyone~

It is that time of the year again! Starting today (August 1st) until August 31st I will be off for a vacation!

I won’t be going camping this year, we already weren’t really in the mood for that given things, but now with a pup it just won’t make it easier. So we decided that this year we will just do some fun things over the course of summer. And I decided that I wanted a month not doing blogging. Or well, I do have posts coming up, including a lot of fun tours/blitzes that I just couldn’t resist signing up for, and I will be writing some stuff during this month, but I will mostly be taking off from blogging. 🙈 I need it. Blogging is fun, but at times stressful and I keep wondering why I am still blogging. So a month is definitely needed!

So unlike last year I don’t have daily posts up/don’t have full days of posts. I will have posts here and there. There may be a few extra posts coming up, if I have an ARC review that needs to be posted (I got approved for a few new books on Netgalley and I believe there is one for August). Or if I visit a library and just don’t want to just share on Twitter.

Here is the schedule! I will be adding links to the posts so you all can just check this one and get to the posts immediately.

NOTE: The times posts will be up will be between 12 to 5 pm CEST. It varies per day so be sure to check them out! EXCEPTION are the two tours on the 15th and 22nd, that blog tour hosts would like the posts up as early as possible, so those will be up around 9 am.

I will also be promoting my posts on Twitter.


August 1st

*This post
*What I Hope To Read During My Vacation 2023
*Not So Sunday’s TBR Updates (Vacation week 1 TBR)

August 2nd

*Birthstone Book Covers August

August 4th

*Review for Gremory Land, Vol.1 ★★★★ stars

August 5th

*Blog Tour for Where There’s A Will by Anna Sparrows (Excerpt + Teasers + Giveaway)

August 6th

*Blog Tour for The Narrow by Kate Alice Marshall (Spotlight)

August 8th

*Release Day Blitz for Start Us Up by Lexi Blake

August 9th

*ARC Review for The Big Bang and Other Farts ★★★★ stars

August 10th

*ARC Review for There’s a Guest in the House ★★1/2 stars
*Bookish Mail for Legends & Lattes by Travis Baldree (KS) + Package from A.P. Shepherd featuring Luke’s Apocalypse: Zero Day

August 11th

*Release Day Tour for Kicking it in Vegas by Riley Long (Excerpt + more)

August 13th

*Book Blitz for A Hollywood Ending by Melanie Summers
*Library #2/#3 Haul

August 15th

*Blog Tour for Murder at the Zoo by Marcia Rosen
*Release Day Blitz for Love Schemes Clouded Dreams by Kimberly Readnour

August 16th

*Blog Tour for A Riff of Retribution by Amir Lane (Excerpt + Teasers)

August 18th

*New Releases I Hope to Read in September

August 20th

*Spell the Month in Books: Special Edition

August 22nd

*Blog Tour for Victoria James and the Mysterious Case of the Chilly Willies by Elizabeth Burns (Giveaway + Review)
*Review for Cuckoos Three ★★★★1/2 stars

August 23rd

*Book Haul August

August 24th

*Book Blitz for The Haunting of Wexley Heights by Caroline Bulewski
*Blog Tour for Magic, Monsters, and Me by Timoteo Tong (Excerpt)

August 25th

Cover Reveal ~ We Could Do This Forever by Emerson Beckett

August 26th

*Stickiiclub August Unboxing

August 27th

*Blog Tour for Norah’s Ark by Victoria Williamson (Spotlight)

August 28th

*Blog Tour for Haunted Inns and Hotels of Virginia by Susan Schwartz (Excerpt)

August 29th

*Release Day Blitz for The Love Plot by Samantha Young

August 30th

*Blog Tour for Tessa Miyata is No Hero by Julie Abe (Spotlight)
*Library #1 Haul

August 30th

*Review for Me, My Brother and the Monster Meltdown ★★★★1/2 stars

8 thoughts on “Vacation Mode: ON (Blogging Schedule for August)

    1. Thank you Susan! I will definitely enjoy myself *looks at all the games and books and other fun things she wants to do* Thank you~ See you in September! 😍💕💝 I hope you have an amazing August as well~

    1. Thank you! And so far it is amazing! Relaxing, lots of reading, enjoying the sun (when it is there), and more! And the pup and I are having a great time, for most, haha, she is getting in that puppy puberty part. 🤣

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