Blog Tour ~ There is No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer ~ Spotlight

Blog Tour ~ There is No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer ~ Spotlight


There is No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer, Girl glancing backwards towards a shadow of a clown, horror, youngadult, mystery, murder

A spooky clown welcome to the Blog Tour for There’s No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer! I am excited to share this book with you all. The book didn’t entirely click with me, but I know that there are readers who will love this spooky/scary/clown-filled YA book so here I am! Promoting it! Halloween is coming up and I am sure that my readers are looking for some new spooky stuff to read.

For today’s post I will shine a spotlight on the book/author! The book releases today, so a big big happy book birthday to the author! Hooray~

Let’s get started! BOO!

There is No Way I’d Die First by Lisa Springer, Girl in prom dress running away from the shadow of a clown, murder, mystery, young adult, slasher, clownsDebut author Lisa Springer delivers a spine-tingling, contemporary horror that follows a scary movie buff as she hosts an elaborate Halloween bash on her family’s estate but soon finds the festivities upended when she and her guests are forced to test their survival skills in a deadly party game.

Noelle Layne knows horror. Every trope, every warning sign, every survival tactic. She even leads a successful movie club dedicated to the genre. Thus, who better to throw the ultimate, most exclusive Halloween party on all of Long Island?

And with the guest list including the coolest kids in her senior class, her popularity is bound to spike. Hopefully, enough to warrant an expansion into podcasting. Plus, the fact that attractive, singer-songwriter Archer Mitchell is coming is honestly the candy corn on top. Nothing is going to kill her party vibes.

Except…maybe the low-budget It clown she hires to lead a classic round of tag. He’s supposed to be terrifying, though in a comforting, nostalgic way. Instead, the guy is giving major creeps. But maybe Noelle’s just that good at hosting?

Her confidence is immediately rocked when the night’s entertainment axes one of her guests. And he’s not done yet. If an evil, murderous clown thinks life is a game, then Noelle is ready to play. She’s been waiting a long time to prove that she’s a Final Girl.

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About the author:

Lisa Springer, Author Photograph,Growing up on the island of Barbados, Lisa has always loved books and storytelling. Bring on the adventure, the spooky and mysterious—she loves creating worlds readers can get lost in. When not writing, she’s probably reading or dreaming about the beach. She currently lives in New York City with her family.

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