Book Haul September 2023

Book Haul September 2023

Hey hey!

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A warm welcome to September’s book haul! So happy to share my books!

It was a fab month with plenty of books! I got some spoooooky books for my Spooktober and I cannot wait to get reading, there are several fab Dutch books that came out this month, including one that I didn’t know was coming out (aka the best surprise), and I found a few other fun books! It was a good month. Still hoping that gets a bit better, one day. I did have some luck this month, but I miss the times that the prices were just a bit more fair. Plus, apparently stopped taking orders from my country, so bleh! Sorry for complaining each month, but again, I just miss the easier times.

The 3pak (the one between Colleen Hoover and Blossom Hill) is a freebie for the YA book week and Colleen Hoover’s book is one I won as a price, now I can finally read it! Whoo~ And the Ninety-Nine is a Kickstarter book that finally arrived at my home~

Did I read all the books? Well, let’s see, the top 8 books, no, because those are for Spooktober (look forward to my complete TBR coming on October 2nd). The Colleen Hoover book + the two below that also no, because I only recently acquired them and haven’t had the time to read them. The ones below those? Yep, all read and very much enjoyed it!

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The Clackity by Lora Senf
The Girl in White by Lindsay Currie
Tales to Keep You Up at Night by Dan Poblocki
Read, Scream, Repeat by Jennifer Killick, et all
The Tale of the Gravemother by Rin Chupeco
Verdacht van moord by Tess Gerritsen
Vreemde liefde by Loes den Hollander
We’re Going on a Ghost Hunt by Martha Mumford
It Starts with Us by Colleen Hoover
3pak 2023 by Philip Huff, Rima Orie, Marie Lotte Hagen
Ruiterschool: Blossom Hill by Babette Pribbenow
Jeff Goes Wild by Angie Rozelaar
Amazing Bodies by Dr. Ronx
Animal Factopia by Julie Beer, Andy Smith
Wij waren de Vickersons by Jolanda Clément
De iglo van tante Friet by Tosca Menten
Krypto by Hans Jorgen Sandnes
The Ninety-Nine by Dave Daneman
Nooit denken dat rijk worden makkelijk is by Marjon Hoffman, Georgien Overwater

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