Friday Favourites: 8-9-2023: Books with Celebrations~

Friday Favourites: 8-9-2023: Books with Celebrations~

Good evening!!

A happy welcome to a new Friday Favourites, happy Friday and here is to a great weekend!

This week’s prompt is actually cinnamon roll characters, and while I do know what that means (though to be honest I had to look it up just now again because I just wanted to make sure I had it right), I just cannot think of any characters just like that (and generally don’t go while reading OMG that is such a cinnamon character, haha so that also doesn’t help). So I went looking for another prompt and noticed that on August 25th there was a prompt for books with celebrations. Oh boy, that sounds more up my alley! I had a few books in my mind that I wanted to use and was also eager to search for a couple more in my list! Be prepared for weddings, cookies, festivals, mermaids, and more! Let’s celebrate! dances This week I added a new layout/banner to this blog, just a few days before that to my Dutch Book blog, plus next week is my hubby’s birthday so let’s have a party~

Let me know in the comments what you think of these covers + if you are looking forward to these books as well!


What is Friday Favourites/Favorites? Each week you get a prompt and you can select a number of your own favourite books that fits that prompt. There doesn’t seem to be a limit on the books, I see people doing 4 and some doing 10 or more. As for me I think 7 is a nice number, so for each of the Friday Favourite prompts I will show you 7 of my favourites in that genre!
If you want more information + see the prompts, check out Functionally Fictional’s intro post!

Mermaid Day Diana Murray , Luke Flowers, Mermaids, Fun, Party, Sea Creatures, Sea, Children's Book, Picture Books
Festivals by Jane Bingham, Mariona Cabassa, Festivals, kids having a celebration with balloons and more
To Carnival!: A Celebration in St Lucia, Colourful, Carnival, Picture Book, Grass, Sun, Colours, Children's Books, Baptiste Paul, Jana Glatt
I Love You A Celebration of Weddings by Mario Testino, Carolina Herrera, Riccardo Lanza, Weddings, two people almost kissing, photography
Archie Celebrates Diwali, Mitali Banerjee Ruths, Parwinder Singh, Picture Book, Children's Books, Party, Diwali, Girls, Lights, Fireworks, Food, Holidays
Het Laura's Bakery feestdagenbakboek Laura Kieft, Holidays, Celebrations, Cookies, Baking
The Dinosaur Awards, Barbara Taylor, Orange/Yellow, Dinosaurs, Non-Fiction, Children's Books, Awards

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