Library Haul ~ 2-9-2023 (Library #3)

Library Haul ~ 2-9-2023 (Library #3)

Hi hi all!

A warm welcome to a new Library #3 haul! Yep, today you will be seeing what I got at Library #3 and tomorrow I will have Library #2 (which I will visit today).

Why did I split it up? Well, we have a yearly neighbourhood party/BBQ and my hubby and I thought it was next week, but no, it is this week. Since it is quite a busy day to do both along with that we have time constraints this time. So we decided that since Library #3’s books had to go back on the 2nd and Library #2 didn’t have those restrictions that we would do Library #3 first. And here we are!

So today I am sharing my pretty and wonderful books of Library #3! I had a lot of fun walking around the library and I grabbed a few books from the new releases tables at the ground floor, including a new Kaat de Kock book in a series I like. After that I went upstairs and well, I found a lot of fun graphic novels and comics. Most of the haul today is those books. I am so happy that they are adding some more graphic novels again, it seemed to have stalled a bit after they went through the renovation. I am very excited about all of the graphic novels. Though I have no clue what one of the graphic novels is about (De Grote Leegte). I just took it along for the art. There is no blurb on the back and nothing inside done by the library, so it will be a mystery and a surprise if I like it. Crossing fingers though that it is as good as the art is.

I am very happy with my haul this time, but what to read first? I got so many good books! For now De Verwachting Voorbij is on my TBR for this upcoming week, but I may also just roll a dice or something to pick which GN I will start.

STATS: 12 books. 7 GN/Comics, 3 non-fiction, 2 fiction.

Pictures, Emoji, Cute

Book List, Emoji, Cute
Bruiloft in de B&B by Kaat de Kock
Misfit by Elle Kennedy
De verwachting voorbij by Mirjam Meek
Hand by Bas Peeperkorn
De Ridder #2 by Frodo de Decker
Once Upon a Time by HJ Hunter
De grote leegte by Léa Murawiec
Kopje onder by Séverine Vidal, Victor L. Pinel
Liefhebben voor twee by Emilio Van der Zuiden
Verhoeven Brigade: Rosie by Pascal Bertho, Corboz
LikeMe #4 by Michael Vincent
Carbon & Silicum by Mathieu Bablet

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