Library Haul ~ 23-9-2023 (Library #2+#3)

Library Haul ~ 23-9-2023 (Library #2+#3)


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A happy welcome to a new Library #2 and #3 Haul! Still not 100% better but books had to be returned + I needed to be outside for a bit, haha.

First up was Library #3, thankfully we were able to go there, we had to take a bit of a detour given how things are going in that city the past weeks. I was excited to find some new books, especially was hoping that I would find the fourth De Ridder volume, it said online that it had to be there and I was hoping to pick it up! And I have to say I had a lot of luck! I love how each visit is different. Sometimes I come back with just photography/non-fiction books and maybe 1 or 2 normal books, and other times I just have a big stack of normal books to read. I am so happy with what I found, so happy they added Hell Followed With Us, a book I spotted on Twitter some time ago and was eager to read but totally forgot about it in the end, haha. It will be a good one for Halloween~ Plus, I found 2 new graphic novels to read!

Onwards to Library #2, I had 11 reservations waiting and was hoping to find some more. Well, I did! Some newer books and some older books. A nice blend. I am very excited about these books, I found some books I am really looking forward to and I am also happy with my reservations, which included several new children’s books I needed badly. Like Spekkie en Sproet, or Bureau Speurneus! I cannot wait to read all these books!

Plus, I am so happy that I found some spooky/scary/horror books, I was already planning my TBR stack and was hoping to add many more books to it, whoo!

STATS: 25 books at Library #2 (first two stacks) and 12 books at Library #3 (last stack). So many fab books!

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Het knotsgekke moppen boek voor kinderen by J. de Jager, J. Reitsma
Gezocht: Vader met een kuiltje in zijn kin by Josien de Graaf, Conz
Voor de nieuwe maan by Tine Lefebvre
De spannende erfenis by Willeke Brouwer
Bureau Speurneus en het Eilandmysterie by Jozua Douglas
Kleine Sofie en Lange Wapper by Els Pelgrom, Thé Tjong-Khing
Mees en Sterre krijgen de kriebels by Sanne Verstraten
Het hondje van de buren by Lorena Veldhuijzen
Maysa & Musa en het koekjesmysterie by Zanib Mian
De binnenbaas by Marte Jongbloed
Spekkie en Sproet: Code rood by Vivian den Hollander
Seef met de sjees by Rian Visser
Wat is thuis? by Kristina Scharmacher-Schreiber
Missie onmogelijk by André Kuipers
Het kookboek van Pippi Langkous by David Sundin
De Amerikaanse Droom #2 by Philippe Charlot, Miras
De buurttuin van Karel Groen by Shan White
Hennie en de grote heksenkring by Valerie Thomas
Boer, wat zeg je van mijn kippen? by Inge Berg, Nick Claes

De laatste zomer by Dana Mele
De kleuren van de zee by Miriam Bruijstens
Wind by Esther Walraven
Dat alles over liefde gaat by Bart Moeyaert
Things we do in the Dark by Jennifer Hillier
The Beast and the Bethany by Jack Meggitt-Phillips, Isabelle Follath

Het lot van de roos by K.T. Sterling
Hell Followed With Us by Andrew Joseph White
Vampyria #1 by Victor Dixen
De laatste jager by Davide Morosinotto
Privacy Live by Annet Hulst
Dolers by Mark van Dijk
Het verhaal van een kat by Laura Agustí
Het touw en de waarheid by Marco Kunst
Dwars Door by Tom Haugomat
De reuzenbomen van de Oude Wereld by Hans Scheffers
De ridder #4 by Frodo De Decker
Heden verse vis – en route! by Legendre, Cambré

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