Review for Cells at Work! Lady, Vol. 1

Review for Cells at Work! Lady, Vol. 1

Cells at Work! Lady Vol. 1 Shigemitsu Harada , Akari Otokawa, Butler and another guy standing on the cover, cells, biology, female, funI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

Yes, another Cells at Work series! I was a bit on the fence about it, on the one hand I am a bit done with all the Cells at Work, but on the other hand I just cannot resist a butler, especially not with glasses. Plus, this one takes place in a female body along with female anatomy stuff, so I was curious.

In this one we dive into the body of a woman and see all sorts of female stuff happening. From menstruation (which had me both laughing and feeling even sadder for the cells there, I mean, I know that it is called making a bed for the cell and such, but to actually see it in illustration.., but at the same time it was also silly) to dieting (which caused quite some problems for the body and we see how the cells struggle to keep everything afloat and hoping that their lady will eat something) to things like sensitivity to cold (which I could clearly understand, I have the same problem and now I feel a bit bad for my body, then again, my body could also just try harder to stay warm XD), and there is more. It was definitely a lot of fun to read though sometimes a bit too dramatic.

I loved seeing all my favourite cells again but then a bit different. Personalities are often the same (well, the biggest change would be White Blood Cell who is generally murderous but in this one a scaredycat) but they look different.

The butler was hot and I loved how good he was with weapons and how quick his wit was. There was just one thing that got a bit off-putting for me. His dedication and stalkerish attitude towards his Lady (aka the body he lives in). It was just a bit creepy seeing him go all out at points, talking to a statue, and more. I mean there is dedication and there is obsession and he was often just heading straight into obsession.

The art was quite fun. Not always the best, but still I like the designs of the characters, love that the body in this one is more like a fancy estate with fancy town instead of what most of the series have shown us. Very elegant.

All in all, despite the butler being slightly to a lot creepy and some things felt a bit blunt (as we Dutch would say Kort door de bocht) it was still a lot of fun and I would definitely be interested in checking out the next volume.

Star rating, 3.5 stars

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