Review for Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency #5: Genius on the Green Express

Review for Christie and Agatha’s Detective Agency #5: Genius on the Green Express

Genius on the Green Express by Pip Murphy, Roberta Tedeschi, Einstein, Two girls running towards a green train, mystery, children's booksI received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review!

The newest book in the series and when I saw it up on Netgalley I knew I just HAD to request it! And yes! I got approved!

😍In this book we get mysteries on TRAINS! If there is one thing that I love is a good old mystery on a train! I loved reading how the train worked, see them figure out who gets which cabin/compartment to sleep in, loved reading where we stopped.
😍Finding out which historical element + person we would get this time! It is Einstein and I absolutely adored reading about him, and I laughed at the descriptions of the people who saw him. Even one of our girls couldn’t believe that he was a famous person because he dressed (and looked) the way he did. Poor Einstein!
😍I loved reading why Einstein is on the train and his plans in Germany. Which then reminded me of the fact this would probably be one of the last times he would visit there, before he would go to America because of Hitler rising up and things becoming more and more dangerous for Jewish people. That just broke my heart.
😍We even meet someone who we met earlier again! We saw this person in the book Of Mountains and Motors, the second book in the series! It is quite funny how small the world is I guess that we meet him again. He wasn’t too bad, I liked him way more than I did in the second book, haha.
😍Loved switching between Agatha and Christie, twins, but they couldn’t be more different in some aspects. Agatha really thinks things through whereas Christie is generally the one just going for it. But I love that. They really complement each other and that works so well for their mystery cases. Plus, they are fantastic characters.
😍Auguste is here as well! So happy that he seems to be a permanent part of the mysteries.
😍The mystery and all that happened was a lot of fun and I loved the dedication of the children to get things right, even it that meant some rushing and some exciting moments. I didn’t like the guys who did those things, jealousy is not a pretty thing gentlemen. I loved that even Einstein had his comments on the two guys.
😍The illustrations by Roberta Tedeschi were wonderful once again! I love her style!
😍The ending, especially the faces of the two guys at the end, that just made me laugh.
😍Getting some bonus historical information on the events that happened in this book! I just love reading those and read more on the topics we saw in the book + how the author came to write the story.

😶I did think it was a bit of a shame that what Einstein told along with what Christie found out that the kids would put one and one together but it took them a long time, longer than I would have thought it would take. Given everything I would think that as soon as Christie told the others about the crates being in that room that Agatha would have put it together and that they knew instantly what the items were/whose crates they were.

As you can see, this was another fantastic addition to the series and boy I loved it all the way! I would recommend it to everyone!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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