Review for Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Review for Cross My Heart and Never Lie

Cross My Heart and Never Lie  Nora Dåsnes, Girl walking down a path listening to music, diary, comics, relatable, young adult, middle grade, LGBT, friendship, single parentingI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this fun looking book when I saw it on Netgalley. I was so curious because of the blurb and I loved the idea of a hand-lettered diary!

😍 Loved the introduction to Tuva. Who she is, what she likes, who her dad is, how her school looks and that she is not looking forward to maths but is looking forward to music/band. I loved seeing her goals. Which includes writing this whole diary!
😍 It was so relatable. When I was that age I also just wanted to still play, build forts, be outside, and all that. Though I didn’t care that much about looking cool, haha, given the photographs I have when I was 12 I just wore what I liked. Everyone around me was indeed like those sides, but more and more girls went for the make-up/dating stuff and there I was. Not caring much about what was hot and happening and make-up was interesting but eh. I loved seeing Tuva find her own way, explore things, and not let herself be totally swayed by what x or y said. I had a laugh when she wore that mascara and when it didn’t work she thought it would still be nice for Halloween.
😍 Loved that it was a hand-lettered diary! I have read other diary-like-children’s books, but this one actually felt like someone scanned someone’s diary and we got to read those inner thoughts and that just made me happy and made it more authentic for me. I also loved that next to her telling us about her day we get illustrations, text messages, and more!
😍 Plus, there were comic pages dotted throughout the book that helped bring the story to life even more. I really loved the illustration style it was so fun and it fitted so well with the story + what it tells.
😍 I loved seeing Tuva learn more about love and also discover that her feelings for Miriam are very true and OK to have. That it is OK for you to fall in love with a girl. Yes, love is complicated, but it is OK. I loved seeing her get closer and closer to Miriam and see them discover things they like together. Like music.
😍 The dad was such an amazing character, I love how supportive he was and how he was there for Tuva when she needed him. He also knew when not to go somewhere, like when she came home from that party, everything ruined, everything bad, and her dad just offered her big hugs when he saw she wasn’t ready to talk. I loved that he gave her room and then went to talk with her. He was such a sweet dad, Tuva really has won the best dad lottery (though she is in that stage that she may not always see that, haha).
😍 I was proud that she dared to go to school after things happened. That her dad convinced her. That things weren’t that scary in the end. I am also happy that things got resolved, not just with Bao, but also with Linnéa and also with Miriam.
😍 Loved the Dear Reader part at the end in which the author/illustrator tells us more about the story and everything.

😶 Not such a fan of the Tuva’s friends. I think maybe I would have liked them more if we could have seen them before everything broke up. Because now I just see two girls I don’t really like. Well, Bao at first a bit, but Linnea.. not so much. I didn’t like how they formed two parties and how they just left Tuva to pick one. Whereas Tuva just wanted to be friends with both the girls without the other feeling hurt.

All in all, I really loved this book and I had so much fun reading it! It was relatable. It was sweet. And I hope there are many more books in the series, though I may just skip the next one as I am just not that in the mood for climate change/activist books. But the ones after that! I would recommend this book to all.

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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