Review for Euro Spies

Review for Euro Spies

Euro Spies Lindsay Littleson, Spies, Travelling, Europe, Facts, Codes, Secrets, Three kids in paris with a train on the bottom of the cover, friendship, children's books, mysteryA delightful fun mystery featuring spies, travelling through Europe, clues, and more!

In this book we meet three kids going on a trip to Europe! Say hello to Paris, Vienna, and more! But there is more than travel waiting for them, namely mystery! Excitement! Scary moments! And codes and puzzles!

When I came across this one on Twitter I just knew I had to get it. I just love a good MG spy book and when that one also adds some good travelling? Sign me up! And this was just oodles of fun to read, it took me a bit longer than usual as I was in a bit of a slump (my head just wanted manga and comics) but after a bit my head cleared and then it was just BOOM I couldn’t stop reading. In this one we meet three kids from Scotland, at first they seem just that, but then we find out that these kids have been chosen for a specific reason. Well, and also as a cover-up of course, haha. But Frankie, who at times was hard to understand (sorry) can speak in multiple languages, ideal if you are visiting so many different countries. Samia knows a lot of history and geography facts, for real, this girl is an encyclopaedia at times. Ava has her own reasons but is also good in code! I just loved the kids, well OK, Ava not so much in the beginning, but Samia and Frankie and how quickly they became friends? I was there for it! I loved that when the kids learn the real reason for the trip that they want to continue it. They aren’t overly brave as you may see in some of the spy MG stuff, but they know the mission and despite it being scary at times keep going. By the power of friendship, sorry couldn’t resist.

The mission was awesome and I love how gradually it got more and more dangerous. At first it seems not that much, but then the villain steps up a bit more and more. And there are a ton of fun revelations!

I loved seeing what countries these kids were visiting and I loved that we also got to see or well read about some sights there, learn some facts. It wasn’t just find the code, solve the code, dodge some scary people, no, we also got to eat gelato, we also visited the Colosseum, visited museums.

Miss Watson was an interesting character, I am glad that she got more honest as the story continued, then again, there are things that you just cannot keep away. There is enough happening that kids (and well adults) will start asking questions.

I was also so happy that we visited Venice! One of my dream cities and I am delighted that I was able to visit it in 2019 for my honeymoon! Venice was already special for me before that, but now it is even more special and I just adore being able to go back thanks to books.

The epilogue/last chapter made me smile! That was a wonderful way to end this book!

Ava took a bit to get used to. At first I found her a real bitch. But I am glad that as the story continued and we found out the real reason for the trip, that we saw another Ava. A kinder one. And I am happy that after that she turned out to be quite nice and friendly.

The only thing I would have liked is a solution to the codes. I mean, I tried the first one on my own and got just chaos as answer, I used an online cipher solver and even that one had no clue what I wanted. I do love that they added codes, but please just add the solutions as well.

All in all, this was oodles of fun and while it did feel like it ended and could just be this, I do hope that there is more with this trio! I want more travels! More mystery!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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