Review for How This Book Got Red

Review for How This Book Got Red

How This Book Got Red Margaret Chiu Greanias , Melissa Iwai , Red Pandas, Giant Pandas, Friendship, Picture Book, Inclusivity, Cute, Children's BooksI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist this superadorable book when I spied it on Netgalley! A book about red pandas? About pandas? And also about a red panda who just wants a book about themselves! Cute!

In this book we meet two friends, Red and Gee. Red is a Red Panda (no surprise there) and Gee is a Giant Panda! They are the best of friends and are both eager to dive into a book about pandas. But what is this??? There is ZERO mention of red pandas???? Of course Red takes offense (which I found at first a bit over the top until we saw that the world was very much based on being a Giant Panda and then I could very much understand) and decides to write her own book about Red Pandas! I love her dedication and I also liked that she didn’t just BOOM wrote a book and done, no we see that she is trying her best to make it as good as possible and goes through some bumps along the way (one that includes if anyone would be interested).

I was so proud of Red and how she kept going and I loved that Gee was there to motivate her and be emotional support. So sweet!

And the ending was just wonderful, it made me very happy to see that Red managed to change their world and make it more inclusive.

A big bonus is the pages about the Red Pandas (with adorable illustrations) that are located at the start and the end of the book. I was so happy that we got to see Red’s work!

All in all, an adorable and fun book about inclusivity, about having to step up to make something happen, about friendship, and there are some gorgeous illustrations to make the story come to life even more. I would recommend it~

Star rating, 4 stars

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