Review for Kaiju No. 8, Vol.1

Review for Kaiju No. 8, Vol.1

An epic manga about Kaiju with a nice portion of humour!

I found this one (and 3 other volumes) at Library #1. Thank the heavens that manga is FINALLY starting to become something in my country, or at least in the libraries. This one sounded way too cool so I just had to bring it along.

In this one we have Kaiju, big bad monsters that will destroy and kill everything in their paths. Then there are the defence force who takes care of them. And then there is the cleaning up crew. Our MC works there at first, cleaning up guts and more, UGH. Bah. You can imagine that it is not the most fun work, but hey, someone has to clean up thousands of kilos of dead kaiju I guess. Doesn’t sound like my kind of work though, especially not when you get on intestine duty (which yes, sounds as disgusting as it is).

But later, thanks to a kouhai (who I at first wasn’t liking, but then I started seeing his better side), he starts to train again for the defence/battle force. But what if he changes in that he needs to defeat? Yep. He is turning into a kaiju, but not a big big one, but more his size. It was a fantastic twist and I am definitely curious how he is going to be doing things given that the defence force is all against kaiju. He even has a code name due to an earlier thing. I am so curious to see our MC get used to his new form, along with seeing what happens now that he has shown it to everyone. Given that the manga features his code name I am sure he will be fine, but still I was stressing at that end part.

There is battles (real ones and exam ones), tons of humour (which I loved, it brings a bit of lightness to it all), there are a ton of characters (included an annoying rich bitch who thinks she can do it all, and yes she gets a sob story, I don’t care about those anymore), there are exams (because who will go through and be part of the force). And there is more, for real, I just flew through this one and had oodles of fun. I had expected a mostly action manga, but I got something with humour and fantastic monsters and fab characters (the dynamic between the MC and the kouhai is just A-plus).

The art? Just perfect. I love how the mangaka is able to keep it serious (for the battles/kaiju) but also can add a bit of humour (like with character’s faces or silly moments).

All in all, I will keep on reading! By the time this review comes on I hope to have read many more volumes of it! I cannot wait for the anime. Recommended!

Star rating, 5 stars

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