Review for Meems & Feefs: Ferrets from Planet Ferretonia!

Review for Meems & Feefs: Ferrets from Planet Ferretonia!

Meems & Feefs: Ferrets from Planet Ferretonia! Liza N. Cooper, Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Ferrets, Children's Book, Cute, Fun, Inventions, FamilyI received this graphic novel from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review~

I have been following and reading Liza’s comics on Insta for a while now and I love how fun and cute they are. So imagine my delight when I find out that she has written a fantasy/sci-fi graphic novel featuring her ferrets and herself! I needed to read this one!

In this book we meet two ferrets, Meems and Feefs. Yep, perfect names! Out of the two silly little ferrets I loved Feefs the most. He was laid back, fun, sweet, adorable, and huggable, whereas Meems was a grumpy know-it-all. Who did have his good points don’t get me wrong (like inventions and making some smart plans), but Feefs was just way more fun (and entertaining). Especially later in the story when something big happens and instead of being kind he is rude. I get that you are unhappy but it was NOT her fault. So give me all the Feefs!

The adventure is just so good and I love that this is just book 1 in a hopefully many more volumes series. Ferretonia is a fantastic place and I would love to visit it. Spread some hugs and love around. Haha, and see how a society is run by ferrets! I loved that Feefs and Meems go on a wild adventure and try to find out all the details they need for something BIG. I loved that we got to Earth and see our ferrets figure out that, no, this is not a ferret run society. It is all humans! But not all humans are bad and I loved seeing them discover that, well Feefs was instantly OK with it all, Meems took a bit more convincing. Haha. There is a lot of exciting moments and I loved how Liza did everything to do to help them out, well as soon as she could talk to them, which was quite a shock to her. I would have been startled as well, but then also 100% on board!

I loved that we also got to see the hometown along with family and friends. Her brother was just so sweet, didn’t even bat an eye when she asked for all those chilis.

The ending gives us an opening on many more adventures and I cannot wait! There are still enough mysteries to be solved and I am here for it!

I loved that at the ending she gave us sketches + photographs of Meems and Feefs~

The art was Liza’s fun style and I love it! Love getting 194 of it!

Once again, I keep asking this, but please publishers make sure the font is readable. While I loved the story and everything around it, I had a few times that I wanted to give up on reading the book because the font was very small and blurry. Even with my glasses on I had a hard time.

All in all, I love this one to bits and I would highly recommend it to everyone!

Star rating, 4 stars

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