Review for Mexikid

Review for Mexikid

Mexikid Pedro Martín, Road Trip, Family, Boy on the cover with a camper underneathI received this book from the publisher/Netgalley in exchange of an honest review.

I just couldn’t resist it when I saw this graphic novel up on Netgalley, it looks so good and so fun! And it was just oodles of fun~

😍I loved reading about the family, not just about Abuelito and his history (and he had quite an awesome history/lore), but also about the kids (some born in Mexico, others in the States), about the parents. See them together (and go between lots of love to arguments/teasing). About the family they met along their way and the family in Mexico. Love that we got extra information on the family at the end and photographs.
😍Loved that there were translations for a lot of the Spanish parts, I took a course on Spanish years ago but life got in-between, so I am pretty rusty and a lot of books with people who use Spanish these days apparently think everyone knows Spanish. Not here at least, it wasn’t even taught in school here when I was in school, not sure how it is now. So I am happy that this one either just kept it English or gave for most a translation.
😍The road trip and all that happened there was fantastic! So much chaos. I just love those typical American road trips, long long winding roads through the states with tourist attractions here and there. I would love to do one, even though I would get carsick very fast. Though this one had a big amount of bananas, haha.
😍I loved getting information on Mexico/Mexican. Like that sound they can make (and I was rooting our MC would also be able to do it). Or about music and traditions.
😍The art was fantastic and I love the style!
😍The ending made me smile and I was so happy to see Abuelito go from a more silent person to more open and actually smiling. He really flourishes when he is with his family.

Recommended! I learned many new things and I just love books about family like this one.

Star rating, 4 stars

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