Review for My Heart in Braille

Review for My Heart in Braille

My Heart in Braille Joris Chamblain , Anne-Lise Nalin , Blind, Young Adult, Music, Graphic Novel, Girl and boy on the cover, gorgeous artI received this book from Netgalley/the publisher in exchange of an honest review!

PHEW! I am so happy! I applied for 4 ARCs by Europe Comics and 2 were duds, I was so worried that this third one would also be a dud, but oh no, this one was actually really fun!

In this graphic novel (with gorgeous art btw) we follow Victor and Marie-Jo. Victor is our MC, but through him we get to meet Marie-Jo, a sweet girl who is very smart… but has a big secret. She has an eye disease which means she will go blind. But will it be months? Weeks? Or years? As we read the book we see her struggle with her vision more and more. Victor on the other hand misses his mom who left him and his dad a lot, doesn’t know what to do about school, always says the wrong things, he is very unsure about it all. But we see that thanks to Marie-Jo that he is getting better and better at things. He just needed a bit of love and someone he could connect with. I really loved seeing these two together and see them get closer. From just friends to much more and I was so happy because they make a cute couple. I loved the topics they talked about from science to school to what makes them tick.

I did feel for Victor, he loves Marie-Jo a lot but he is still very unsure about how to deal with her going blind. He really wants to be with her, but he struggles on how to do that, especially if Marie-Jo would go to another school. Plus, will they be able to keep it up, not showing anyone that Marie-Jo is actually already going blind NOW. School won’t be easy.

I loved Victor’s friends, Hussein especially was just a sweet boy who tried to be there for his friend. And the twins gave me strong Ouran High School vibes, haha. Their enthusiasm, the way they act and want to do things.

But the miscommunication trope stuff at around 50? I get that she was hurt, I GET IT. But he didn’t do that on purpose. That girl was drunk, he was just oblivious and slightly tipsy. She forced herself on him. Someone made the photographs, clearly to get a reaction. JUST FUCKING TALK. I hate it when things like this happen. LORD. And then to do that to get out of something? WTH. I also felt things were just a bit too easily resolved. sighs

The parts that happened after everything came out, yes, what did you think that these two could keep it up? It is pretty noticeable if you see how Marie-Jo walks and does her things. But what happens next was so YA that it kinda made me laugh. I was a bit over the top, but I could definitely understand why our couple has chosen that. I mean, HECK, if my parents were like that I would have also done the same.

The ending brought us back to how the graphic novel started and I loved it. I loved seeing her play and I wish I could have had sound so I could also have heard it. It was a bit sudden, I would have loved an epilogue of some sorts, but I am at least happy with the ending.

The art, as I said in the beginning, is gorgeous. I love the style!

All in all, sorry for the long review, I thought I wouldn’t find the words for this one, but eventually it all just flowed out of me, I would recommend this graphic novel to all. Finding yourself, love, friendship, and being blind. It was fab.

Star rating, 4 stars

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  1. Hi, I was drawn to your review because of the book title. Was this geared toward YA? Maybe that would explain some of the angst and drama. I like graphic novels so I also appreciated your review for that reason.

    1. Yep, this is a YA graphic novel (as mentioned in both review and my tags), so that is why I could forgive some of the drama and angst. Happy to find another person who likes graphic novels, and happy to hear you appreciated my review!

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