Review for My Little Pony: 5-Minute Stories

Review for My Little Pony: 5-Minute Stories

v, Fantasy, Ponies, Magic, Friendship, Dragon, Cute, Short Stories, Children's Books, My Little Pony: 5-Minute Stories Hasbro,The newest generation of ponies is here and we get 3 delightful and fun stories featuring them!

I am using the Dutch cover as the English book apparently features ten stories. This one just features 3. I am not sure what happened with the 7 others, but maybe the Dutch publishers are bringing out another few books. I wouldn’t mind that at all! This was cute!

So I haven’t really watched any of the show, nor any of the older stuff, but I was still very curious and aww-ed by this adorable looking book! In fact, I can tell you that this book did something that the other books I read about My Little Pony did not, namely I started watching the show on Netflix and had a lot of fun watching in during my August vacation month! I found out that these stories are not just based on the show, they are actual episodes in the show! That was a bit confusing when I found that out, I had expected these to be new stories based on the show along with some new artwork. So a bit sad, but I don’t mind. It was still fun to see these stories appear here and then later see them in the show.

In this book we get three stories featuring our new group of ponies. Each story kind of spotlights one pony specifically. In the first we meet with Izzy who is hard at work making something fun for her new best friend. Izzy is so chaotic and I love it, haha, she really reminds me of myself. I loved how the present went from just being special for Sunny to something that everypony wanted in the world! I could definitely understand that Izzy wasn’t sure what to do! I mean, if I just made something fun for my friend and everyone suddenly wanted that thing I would also be torn. Because like Izzy I would have made that specifically for my friend. Specifically and uniquely for her. So I could understand what she did next, I had a laugh at the message she left for her friends, girl, did you really think anyone would solve that? Haha. It was a cute story!

The next in the story is about Zipp and Pipp, two sisters and they couldn’t be more different as we will also read in this story. Pipp really just cares about social media, making songs, having a grand time with socials whereas Zipp just wants to make sure the world is all right, a bit more tough, doesn’t care much about frills and such. In this story we see how Zipp tries to restore the balance in the world but also tries to reconnect with her sister. I liked this story a lot, though I have to say I wasn’t always a fan of Pipp. Instead of being in the now with her sister she was constantly on her phone and making selfies. Girl, please! I am happy about the ending, that really made me smile.

And lastly we get a story about Sunny and her awakening her alicorn powers. I had no clue what alicorn powers are, I have read about them in other My Little Pony works, but never really searched what it was, well, now I do and I guess it is a unicorn/pegasus with Earth powers? OK, that makes sense. Haha. I really loved seeing Sunny go hard for her goals and what she wanted, plus also learn about her powers (and how to handle other ponies only seeing her for being an alicorn). However, while I did love her cause and was rooting for that community garden, I would have liked to have her see that eating bad food at times isn’t that bad. Yes, fruits and veggies are good and healthy, but sometimes that milkshake or those fries or chips are not that bad. Still a fun story!

And I really loved the artwork with the stories, they are from the Netflix show (as I said earlier these are just the Netflix episodes told as a normal story, if that makes sense, haha), but they never felt like screenshots taken from the show, instead it just felt like someone actually made illustrations for this book!

All in all, this was a lot of fun. Supercute and magical and I am glad that I found this book at the library! I would recommend it.

Star rating, 4 stars

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