Review for Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

Review for Olly Brown, God of Hamsters

Olly Brown, God of Hamsters Bethany Walker, Hamsters, Boy covered by hamsters, space, humour, children's booksHAMSTERS! So many Hamsters!!! A fun book about hamsters, space, and finding courage!

As a girl who just adores hammies and has two at the moment (Gwen a little white dwarf hamster and Mimi a chonky brown/gray/white hamster each having a big cage to spend their lives in) and has had many hamsters before them this was one book I had to get! I just wanted to read this one so badly!

Meet Olly, a boy who is quite sweet but also needs to step up a bit and speak up a bit more. He really really really loves hamsters, like so so much (much more than I do, haha). He even made a guide for those who do get to take the hamster home and he is also responsible for the class hamster. I just loved that despite not getting the opportunity to get her home that he was given responsibility in that way. But what happens when one day a hamster appears and is worshipping the ground you walk on? And what if there are tons of other hamsters suddenly popping up and doing more worshipping? It sounds like heaven right? Well, Olly thinks so too in the beginning and I just loved seeing the hamsters and see them love Olly.

I am also glad that the author showed that while all these hamsters and having them around is awesome… there are times that things just aren’t good. Sometimes it just gets too much. In various ways.

It was great that eventually we found out about why the hamsters are here (and why they are so worshippy) + what is really up with Olly’s dad. I won’t spoil anything of course, but there are hints and so I saw some things coming, but still I was gasping! I could definitely understand the father a bit better after this.

The ending was fab, it made me smile!

I loved that next to seeing Olly try to figure things out and not get too frustrated with the hamsters (as they mean well, but they do things a bit too much) we also get transmissions and star logs of the hamsters! Those were fun to read (sometimes utterly hilarious btw) and I loved the little clues dotted here and there.

The guy from Olly’s class who was just a dick? I wasn’t a fan of him and I wasn’t too happy that Olly’s friend was pushing Olly towards the guy so much. Olly once made ONE little mistake when he was a tiny kid and instead of just shrugging it off the guy and his family made a huge deal out of it. WTF >.<.

All in all though, this was one book that I will definitely will re-read one day again! It is just so much fun and features hammies, what could go wrong there? Plus, I got some name inspiration for next hammies~

Two cute pictures of my babies:

Star rating, 5 stars

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