Review for Princess Diana

Review for Princess Diana

Princess Diana Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara , Archita Khosla, Non-Fiction, Biography, Children's Book, Princess, Royalty, Princess Diana on the cover wearing a crown and holding flowersI received this book from Netgalley/Publisher in exchange of an honest review.

The newest Little People, Big Dreams and I just had to get it when I saw it up on Netgalley. While not a big big royalty fan as some people are, I do love reading about them and given this is about Diana, one of my favourite royalties, I had to pick it up.

In this one we learn all about Diana, about her family, about the boarding school she went to, and oh yes, I had totally forgotten that she had married Charles, I don’t know why I forgot that, maybe because they divorced or because Diana died and Charles just got old. XD But that was a fact that had me go, like wait what? I even looked it up on wiki. Haha. And then came the rougher parts, the parts in which things go from happy to less happy. My heart broke for Diana. Knowing that the prince you love and married doesn’t love you/has his heart set on someone else. I just wanted to step in and give her a hug. Thankfully, she was able to pick herself up and I loved reading all the things she did. From hugging someone with AIDS to stepping up and being independent.

While I do think it is strange that the whole accident was omitted (just mentioned in the time line part), I guess I could also understand why and why the book choose to end like it did. Still, I think maybe it could have added and then end on how everyone still remembers and loves her.

The art was OK, I am still not entirely sold on it, it reminds me of the Mennyms series, like these peeps are dolls instead of humans. I think it is the button eyes and the fact only their mouths seem to show expressions.

All in all, a good book about Diana. I do love these Little People, Big Dreams and love seeing the series grow, I remember when it was just a few books and now it is a whole collection!

Star rating, 3 stars

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