Review for Ronaldo: Donny’s Superpower

Review for Ronaldo: Donny’s Superpower

Ronaldo Donny's superpower by Maxine SylvesterI received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

The newest book in the Ronaldo’s Flying Adventures and I was so happy to get the mail from the author if I wanted to read/review it! I really enjoyed other installations in the series so of course my answer was yes~!

In this one we learn all about superpowers. Oh no, not like in the superheroes one, but the one power that you can do good and that sparks you joy! For instance for Ronaldo that means flying, but for his grandmother it is dancing. Everyone has one and I loved the message in this one on finding it and be happy.

Because we meet a new character, Donny, a gangly reindeer who has been trying for years now to graduate from the flying school but it is just not working out. I felt for Donny, and well, also for the others in the flying school (with the exception of the bullies, they deserve to be a cushion when one falls out of the sky). I was wondering why he was so dedicated to flying when we could clearly see that he wasn’t that good at it and seemed more afraid of it rather than having fun. As the story progresses and Ronaldo tries to coach him, we get more and more glimpses of what makes Donny happy and also why he is trying to still stick to flying. My heart broke for him and I was curious how the author would get everything tied up neatly so that Donny would also get his happy ending. I was definitely rooting for Donny, but also for Ronaldo as he tried everything to help out Donny. From talking to Donny’s mom, to that party and all that followed, to another plan! Ronaldo definitely doesn’t give up and I admire him for that.

I also loved reading about the flying (this time on sand + some other fun challenges), about Ronaldo and his grandma going to the big city and him discovering that art galleries aren’t always boring, I loved the friendship between Rudi and Ronaldo, we read some more about the reindeers, and see dad do both good and bad haircuts (poor mom though), I loved how the instructor at the flying school kept trying to help out Donny, and boy, those Rescue Reindeers are cool. And I also loved the positive message. It made me think of my own superpower, though I hope that I am allowed more than one? 😆

The ending was very nice, I loved that we got an extra chapter/epilogue detailing an event a few months later. It made me smile!

There were a few moments that were a bit coincidental but I can forgive that, I didn’t mind it that much, but it just stood out a bit, haha.

The bullying and the fact that no authority figure seems to do anything about it was just the only thing I wasn’t a fan off. I would have rather seen them getting in trouble for it/getting punishment. But for now they seem to get away with it.

The illustrations were tons of fun again!

All in all, a very fun book with a positive message and tons of great moments. I would recommend this one and also the other books in the series (though I still got a few left to read).

Star rating, 4 stars

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