Review for Spider-Man: Animals Assemble!

Review for Spider-Man: Animals Assemble!

Spider-Man: Animals Assemble! (A Mighty Marvel Team-Up), Spiderman holding a fishbowl and surrounded by pets and animals, children's books, animals, funny, superheroes, marvel,A seriously hilarious book about Spider-Man and the pets of the Avengers/other superheroes!

What starts with Iron Man giving his pet goldfish (aptly named Jarvis) to Spider-Man as there is a big threat ends with him taking care of every pet by every Avenger/superhero on their way to the threat. Yep. Every. Some I definitely hadn’t expected, haha. Like you expect Dr. Strange to have a pet bunny (magician and all that) but that Thor has a frog? Named Throg? I didn’t expect that and it made me snicker. I do feel for Spider-Man at points, I mean he takes his responsibility to take care of the pets reeaaaal serious, but you can tell he just wants to be part of the action as well, and I was also kinda wondering why no one asked him to help out. But I guess then we wouldn’t have had this hilarious story with a very surprising and engaging ending!

Before the ending comes, I want to talk about the pets again, I just love that they weren’t always ordinary pets! We have a dog that can teleport when he sneezes (which can be cool, but I guess you never know where you end up so that may be dangerous, and while I didn’t recognise all the references I did recognise a few), there is a cat with tentacles (Spider-Man was so confused about that one, and same for me, but then you find out and it is OHhhh, those tentacles!), I just loved seeing what else the pets had. I mean, I still don’t believe that the bunny of Dr. Strange is anything normal. Haha.

The ending was a lot of fun! And I am so happy for Spider-Man, and also for the superpets though they needed a small peptalk. It was a very kick-ass ending and I was just rooting and cheering!

The art was fabulous, but then again that was the number 1 reason to get this book. I really love Mike Maihack’s works and I just couldn’t wait to get a book full of his art again.

All in all, if you love Spider-Man and other superheroes and a fun comic story featuring pets and superpowers, oh and pizza quest and tons of flips, be sure to check this one out!

Star rating, 5 stars

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