Review for Sweat and Soap / Ase to Sekken, Vol.10

Review for Sweat and Soap / Ase to Sekken, Vol.10

Sweat and Soap, Vol. 10 Kintetsu Yamada, Man and woman lying in bed having a good time, romance, mental health, manga, wedding, wedding preparations, romance, cuteThe 10th volume! The last pains from the previous volume, a proposal, family, and wedding preparations!!! Yes, we are getting there!

It is here! The moment I was hoping for! After some more chatting regarding the last volume’s rollercoaster we get a proposal and I was just squeeing in delight. Yes, I would have liked Kotaro to go big (or maybe Asako, she has gained so much more confidence over the volumes) and I still think it would have been fun if he had done it afterwards. But I guess I will take this private and sweet moment. It was a nice moment and I am also happy that it wasn’t just Kotaro!

I loved seeing our couple figure out all the details in regards of the wedding. Going for ring shopping, fill in the registry form, figuring out when to bring it to the office, think about all the times they had together, what kind of ceremony they want to have, and more. It was just so sweet and fun! Though it was also funny given the wedding planner at their venue. Haha, that guy reminds me of one of those over the top anime guys, like he stepped out of some sports/action anime. He is really dedicated to making their wedding perfect and well, his baseball analogies just made me laugh. Kotaro and Asako picked the perfect venue/guy for the occasion.

Oh, and I am glad I am not alone with thinking things would be fine in regards to wedding planning. OK, 4 months is really short to plan everything, but even my 10 months was apparently too short for things and we had to hurry to get things ready, even getting rejected on places/things because we were too late.

I had such a big laugh when they told the family and how Asako’s dad was just having all the emotions and how Asako’s mom was teasing him a little about it. I also loved the reactions from everyone else around them! So sweet and nice!

And I loved how they had a big dinner to have the family meet each other. So formal! Our families (me and my hubby’s) just met casually, I believe when one of us was celebrating our birthdays at home, and I can tell you that is much more my preference over this one. Haha, it did get better for Kotaro/Asako families but at first it was just so stiff. I did like that we saw things through the eyes of Keita, see how he experiences this and also how Asako talked with him when he had some worries/anxiety.

All in all, this was one WOW volume and I am excited (and maybe sad as the series ends) about the last volume!

Star rating, 4.5 stars

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