Review for Sweat and Soap / Ase to Sekken, Vol.11

Review for Sweat and Soap / Ase to Sekken, Vol.11

Sweat and Soap, Vol. 11 Kintetsu Yamada, Manga, Wedding, Romance, Group of people in wedding attire, romance, cute, yesThe final volume and everything is tied up now! Love love love it!

The final volume and while I am excited that I got to the end and saw my sweet couple get to that point (and others) I am still also emotional because I just don’t want this wonderful series to end. It is so fun, mature, sweet, and I just love this couple.

In this one the last of the wedding preparations are done! Including inner wear that Kotaro doesn’t know about, but oh he is learning and he loves it. It just made laugh and I loved both of their reactions when Asako did show something that was more sexy. Well, my hubby probably would be interested as well in this sexy underwear for bridal stuff, but for my dress it was better to wear something simple for the lower parts (so a cheap seamless skin-coloured panties) and well, cough, nothing in the boob department as the dress already had cups. I did consider going more fancy as I saw some lovely sets. Oh well, maybe one day. 😉

And we didn’t just see them prepare for the wedding we also see the end of the year, family visits, a month full of work because it is the fiscal year stuff blabla, friendship, and so much more. I loved that this was also added. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind a whole volume with just wedding stuff, but this just made everything more rounded. More fun!

The wedding was just perfect. And yes, I cried. I was just so happy I could be part of it and celebrate it with these characters that I got so invested in.

I loved the What Came Next parts! So HAPPY that the author added that and didn’t just end it with the happily married and now happy together. But instead went further and I was just so delighted. A next step for our couple, a dream that they had been hoping for. Though maybe not that soon. Haha.

All in all, this is one series that I would highly recommend and if someone has recommendations for other manga like this let me know! I need a new one!

Star rating, 5 stars

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