Review for Sweat and Soap / Ase to Sekken, Vol.9

Review for Sweat and Soap / Ase to Sekken, Vol.9

Sweat and Soap, Vol. 9 Kintetsu Yamada, Man and Woman holding hands and the woman crying, manga, adult, romance, mature, anxiety, mental health, bullyingThe 9th volume, we are nearing the end! And this one was an emotional rollercoaster!

The first chapters of this one are quite the happy ones! Our couple visits a summer festival and has a fun time… well until they get separated and what happens next… well I had to suspend A LOT of disbelief for that, holy that is not how it works. I know he has a superb nose, but just no. I would have rather seen him find her in another way. Something more real. Up next is a chapter in which Asako gets a cold and I just felt for her! I know how it feels when you are sick and you are all alone, not a happy feeling. But Kotaro is there for her when he comes home and I just love how close they are.

And then the big one. Asako goes back to her hometown to meet a friend… but during their lunch meets someone who has bullied her when she was younger. And so begins a dark spiral and my heart just broke. I cried so much during this volume. Because fuck this one hit hard. While I am not sweaty/worry about smelling, I know all about bullying and like Asako one thing can spark and I will/can spiral hard. So this was very close to me and so I kept tearing up, crying at times. Because I know that darkness, not the exact one (again not because of smell), but still I have one as well. And I know that while I have a loving hubby it is hard to lean on him when I feel like this. Worried he may just leave. Worried he may just think differently about me. Seeing Asako go through her day. Go through all the dark thoughts. See her cry when Kotaro wasn’t looking. See her disappear. I just felt that. I just wanted to step in. Give her a hug. Talk with her.

And I wanted to slap that bitch Ritsuko so hard, who THE FUCK calls someone by the nickname they used to bully them with? WTF is wrong with you. And then talk as if it was just all teehee nothing much. Do you know how much you damaged someone? I just wanted to give Asako a big hug right there and then. I am also glad that, while she didn’t know exactly what to do, the best friend knew what to say and also realised something about her kid. I hope the the best friend is able to get that out of her kid’s mind.

I am glad that Kotaro gave her some space… but also took the reigns when things really spiralled. I could understand his frustration as well. It is hard to see someone you love be in so much pain and see them avoid you. I am glad that he didn’t give up, that he also chatted with others.

And then it ends abruptly, so of course I had to read the next volume ASAP because I needed to know how this would all end.

All in all, not the easiest volume to read. But it was a good one. I am glad this series exists.

Star rating, 5 stars

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