Review for To Your Eternity, Vol.1

Review for To Your Eternity, Vol.1

To Your Eternity, Vol. 1  Yoshitoki Oima, Manga, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Boy and a wolf in the twilight timeI was sold because of the cover, the story was OK-ish though.

One of my Kodansha free manga haul from Google Play. I wasn’t that much into the many romance I still have left so I decided to give this one a shot and on the hand I liked it and how it is about mortality, about discovery, and more, but on the other hand.. there were things I just didn’t like.

It all starts when an orb explores a planet. Taking over the shapes of those that live there. From a rock to other stuff in nature to a wolf. A wolf that a boy in a desolated village knows well. The start was just so good and I loved how the boy cared for the wolf, how he tried to feed him despite not having a lot of things left in a town that has been abandoned. I just felt for the boy right from that moment. Knowing that everyone left him. That he saw those that were left (the older people) die one after another. I just wanted to step into this story and give him a hug. We see that he decides to just go for it. To take the journey. To bring the wolf with him. I won’t spoil anything, but I can tell you that this journey was heartbreaking and I was so invested. I even cried.

But after the boy’s journey and story.. it just fell apart for me. It definitely doesn’t help that the wolf has to change shapes so many times, so many deaths, and I just wasn’t into it. And then we switch to a new character, a little girl named March. She wasn’t too bad, but I don’t know, it just didn’t click with me. Yes, her story and all that happened to her broke my heart, that poor girl having to go through all that while all she wants to do is grow up. Become an adult. But I don’t know the story just didn’t work for me just as well as the first story. It just wasn’t as WOW as the first one was. There was just something missing. Maybe because I also had expected the whole story to be about the boy and the wolf.

But the art was really pretty, well for most, haha, some of the facial stuff, especially in the wolf was just very off-putting and weird.

I am curious what is next for our orb/wolf/thingie and March. But on the other hand, I am also kind of done with it all. It was just too weird for me. Too much happening and yet nothing at all. Sorry if my review is confusing, haha, I am also confused about my feels on this manga.

Star rating, 2 stars

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