Top 10 Books August 2023

Top 10 Books August 2023


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A big welcome to my favourite books of August 2023!!

This month was a fantastic month with a lot of relaxation, tons of reading (really, so much reading, haha), some gardening (got some new plants and saved some plants from destruction since they are working on the streets again… and there was one plant especially that I wanted to save), some fun things to visit with my hubby who had two weeks free this month (we watched Barbie, went to the zoo to name two things), some summer DIY projects (Flying Tiger had some fun things to try out, including a DIY paint a vase which was fun but didn’t entirely work out, haha). Vacation rules!
And then there is the fact I did a bit of a blogging break in August. I still did some blogging, had some posts prepared, but for most I was just enjoying the feel of not having to do a lot for my blog. And it feels good! Sometimes you just need a break from it.
Coco is also doing OK, well for most, since August 19th she has been in heat, and boy, it is like CSI: (fill in my town’s name) at times. 🙈 Other than that, we had our seven-month-check-up. Well, twice. The first time we had the old male vet who is just.. well not good. He just gave her the shot she needed, and I couldn’t ask any questions, nor did he listen to me. So I called the vet practice again and explained and the assistant made an appointment with the younger and much better vet. Who did all the check-up that was necessary including listening to our questions and even gave some tips + explanations on things.
I am looking forward to this month though. OK, maybe not the fact that it is getting colder/darker earlier, but to the fact that it is that time again to get my apple tree empty, make yummy snacks, get cozy, and oh yes, HALLOWEEN is coming! I already got a new decoration in my home.

This month I had THREE 5+ starred books and TWENTY 5 starred books. What a month! Finally I could read all the books I wanted to read + I found some great library books along the way~

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Review to come in October
The Midnight Game Cynthia Murphy, Thriller, Young Adult, Flame, Dares, Mystery, Game
Love me tinder Karolina Szejda, Girl lying on a couch with all sorts of stuff around her
The Swifts Beth Lincoln, Claire Powell, Various characters standing on the stairs looking at two feet sticking out from the bottom of the cover, mystery, murder, family, children's books
The Whistling Rebecca Netley, House standing in the middle of a hill/island in the dark, horror, scary, ghosts
Burn the House Down, Vol. 1 Moyashi Fujisawa, Girl staring at you with fire in the eyes, manga, suspense, thriller
Review to come October
The Summer Hikaru Died, Vol. 1 Mokumokuren, Horror, Blue, Boy winking and flashing the peace sign, manga, scary, horror, friendship
Review to come in October
The Snatcher of Raven Hollow Matt McMann, Scary Monster coming through the window with the moon in the sky, horror, children's books
De Wisselaar - Oog in oog met een tijger Maren Stoffels , Geert Gratama , Boy in the tiger enclosure with a tiger jumping behind him, children's book, fantasy
A Sign of Affection, Vol. 1 Suu Morishita, Romance, Deaf, College, Boy and girl on the cover holding each other and flowers surrounding them
The Housetrap Emma Read, Children's Book, Mystery, House, Puzzles, Riddles, Secrets, escaping

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Books August 2023

  1. The midnight game has me intrigued..

    Yay for vacation & some good time! I am also on vacay myself 🥰 cut my hair and everything- just passed two relaxing day before we have the last 3fun days before work!

    Damn. What a bummer! I remember my bestfriend’s cat going into heat.. painful! I also hope you didn’t had to pay for BOTH appointment 🫢 (which.. sad but iguess needed); you can’t have them schedule you only the good vet?! Or was it a emergency type situation where you needed it before X and he was the only available?

    1. It was so good! Hope you enjoy it if you read it~

      Yes! I am all recharged again~ 😍 Oh, hope you have a wonderful vacation, hopefully you can recharge as well! Enjoy! Oh, a new hair style, nice~ Reminds me I should also make an appointment.
      It is no fun, I am so happy when it is over, for her and for us. I am done with crime scene cleaning. 🤣 And no, I didn’t have to pay for both, thankfully. No emergency, but lately it has only been her doing all the things so I thought he had retired or that he only did certain parts of the day that are more calm and so easier for him. Now I know that he is still there I will definitely ask, when making a new appointment, that we get the female vet.

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