Top 10 Books September 2023

Top 10 Books September 2023

Afternoon all!

Top 10 Books, Books

Welcome all to a new Top 10 post, this time for September. Where did September go though?

Haha, it feels like only just a few days ago that it was August, but now it is already the end of September. WOW. The month just flew by! It was a fun month though. I had a semi-vacation week in the middle, my hubby’s birthday happened and we had a fab day, I baked some yummy new foods with the apples from my apple tree, there was the neighbourhood BBQ which was oodles of fun, of course there was plenty of reading, I did a bit of gardening and planted some new flower bulbs to pop up from the ground next year. All in all, good month!
Coco is also doing fine, now that she is no longer in heat she is doing so much better. She is calmer and more at easy so that makes everyone happy. She is still not eating that much, so we are trying all sorts of things to get her to eat. So far she likes her new food bowl!
I cannot wait until tomorrow when October starts and I can finally go full Halloween mode. Been setting up things slowly bit by bit but now I can truly go all out + read all the books for Spooktober! Eep!

This month I had THREE 5+ starred books and TEN 5 starred books. That is quite a month and I am happy with all my books! Cannot wait to see the stats for next month when I can start with my Spooktober TBR!

Disclaimer: The order of this list is random. The 5+ stars (if I have any) will always be on top, but that is the only non-randomness about the list.

Oma, Max en ik Mattias Danielsson , Jonna Björnstjerna, Humour, grandma and grandkid and mysterious pet walking down the streets with people gaping at them
Review to follow in November (want to keep my October mostly spooky).
Stars in Their Eyes A Graphic Novel by Jessica Walton Aska, Graphic Novel, Two people kissing, adorable, cute, Prosthetics
Licht uit, spot aan! Royal Opera House , Lauren O'Hara, Royal Opera, Opera, Non-Fiction
Animal FACTopia!: Follow the Trail of 400 Beastly Facts Julie Beer , Britannica Group , Andy Smith, Animals, non-fiction, blue, Children's books
Wij waren de Vickersons by Jolanda Ivonne Clément, Orange/red/yellow cover with a silhouette of a little girl blowing a dandelion
Review to come November (again, spooky month is coming)
Amazing Bodies byy Dr Ronx, Ashton Attzs, People working on a body with a pink background, non-fiction, biology, science
Review to come in November (spoooky month is first)
Neopets: The Official Cookbook: 40+ Recipes from the Game! Amazing15 , Rebecca Woods , Erinn Pascal, Cook Book, Fun, Neopets, Neopia
Review volgt snel op Boekeneiland
De regels van Floor - Nooit denken dat rijk worden makkelijk is! Marjon Hoffman , Georgien Overwater, girl lying in a pile of money, humour, children's books
Willen ze bijten by Frodo de Decker, De ridder deel 2, knight fighting a kraken, humour, comics
Anna en Otis Maisie Paradise Shearring, Girl and snake hanging in a tree chilling, picture book, cute, fun,

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